Impro provides engineering support and manufacturing solutions to critical application areas of the automotive industry such as fuel systems, turbo chargers, EGR systems, air conditioning systems, steering systems, emission systems and airbag sensors for passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.

With advanced automatic production technologies and management approaches, our streamlined production processes enhance efficiency and fulfill customer demands in the ever-changing automotive industry. With our mission of offering “just-in-time” delivery, we are able to meet  customer requirements in large quantity automotive components.

Our highly-engineered products, including fuel injection parts, can meet the high-dimensional tolerances and mechanical performance requirements, and perform very well under high temperature and high pressure environments which are specifically designed for those newly developed energy-saving vehicles.

Leveraging on our total solutions, highly-engineered products and high-standard quality control, we have established long-term customer relationships with internationally renowned industry leaders.


Our production processes were accredited with the TS 16949 certification.

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