One-Stop-Shop Solutions

We are a premium solutions provider covering a large part of component sourcing value chain.

From concurrent design, rapid prototype development, tooling design and production, casting and machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, laboratory testing, warehousing and other supply chain supports and services.


Our services are provided by a strong research and development team, comprehensive manufacturing capabilities as well as experienced sales teams and logistic facilities.


Research and Development

We have a highly-skilled andinnovative research and development team that works hand-in-hand with our customers, from the initial stage of  component design and development to after-sale services. Our teams in China, the United States and Germany also co-develop components on-site with many of our customers.  


   New Product Introduction

Our research and development team takes activepart in thenew product development for our customers, making proposals in design optimization, capability improvement, cost reductions, and alternative material usage.


   Rapid Prototype Development

We have the capability of rapid prototype manufacturing to carry out pilot productions for our customers. With our powerful engineering design and production capabilities and high quality control assurance, we can rapidly react to customer’s demands and complete the pilot production within a short period of time.


   After-sales Services

As part of after-sales services, our research and development team also works closely with customers to further improve their component design.


Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Our production facilities are designed and operate in a highly flexible manner to engage in manufacturing product orders of a broad range of batch sizes. Our production cycle time can be as short as 3 days for particular products. The flexibility in our production, together with our speedy product development capability, allow our customers to quickly adjust to shifting market trends, shorten the time for their products to reach the market and better manage their inventory levels.


Furthermore, with the support of our secondary machining as well as heat and surface treatment capabilities, we produce in-house all investment casting products and sand casting products from raw materials to finished products. This not only simplifies our customers’ sourcing process, but also ensures that our high quality control standards are applied to each critical stage of production.  


Logistics Services at a Local Level

With our logistics facilities in the United States and Europe, Impro provides prompt and comprehensive warehousing and other supply chain support and services to our customers in these regions.


Our logistics services include:

      Order and Shipment Tracking

      Freight Forwarding and Customs Handling

      Domestic Stocking 

      Just in Time (JIT) Delivery

Global Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Asia and Europe. Customers may choose to have their products manufactured locally or in China, which enables them to choose the most cost competitive manufacturing facilities.  


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