Work at Impro

With the belief that sustainable growth brings more blessings to our staff, Impro has created a team full of diligence and spirit with high efficiency.

Health and Safety

We are operating under the Environment-Health-Safety (EHS) management systems for managing both the general aspects and specific areas, in order to provide full protection and sufficient benefits for our staff at their working environment with continual improvements on various health and safety measures. 


 General and specially arranged health checks are offered respectively to all staff members and a specific group of staff whose job nature requires better protection.

Remuneration and Fringe Benefits

Based on the needs of company expansion and the salary index of different regions, we offer competitive remuneration packages to our staff.  These packages will be adjusted every year by referring to regional and industry changes as well as personal development. 


A Resources Room, with plenty of reference materials, was also set up at the headquarters and other manufacturing plants to help our staff to pick up faster in their learning cycle.


Job Promotion

We encourage fair and open competition among internal candidates for any job vacancies. To hire internal candidates to fill up the vacancies also conveys the message that we offer job promotion to those employees who are loyal and outperforming the others.



Harmonious Working Relations

We have various communication channels among colleagues within the same team or from different departments to facilitate easy and direct connections at different job levels.  The Mailboxes of the President and the General Managers also offer colleagues the opportunities to communicate directly with our senior management.  That results in harmonious working relations within the company. 


Regular staff activities such as picnics, basketball matches, sports days, writing competitions, karaoke are organized to enhance our team spirit.


Career Development

Our career development plan is designed upon the foundation of the rapid business growth of the company that leads to a high demand in human resources, while incorporating the factors of individual interests in career growth and their capabilities.  The “H” type dual career development paths are set up so our staff may choose to develop themselves into members in the management team or put their focus on fostering their technical expertise.




The Impro College was established to offer different types of training courses to our staff, ranging from Management, Technical training, to Personal Development.  The Management College develops and offers management courses for enhancing the management level of our team.  The Technical College provides technical trainings while the Personal Development College has courses on personal skills for improving job quality and personal competitiveness.  Impro offers a well-established learning environment for fulfilling the training needs of our staff in a continuous manner.


Impro offers eye-opening training courses, internal or external ones, as well as MBA courses for elite teams and management successors to enhance staff knowledge and competitiveness.


We also implement the “Trainee” program for new graduates.  During the training period, every trainee will be assigned a mentor to assist him in solving any work issues or problems while giving him advice on both his work and life.  This will help them to get familiar with the working environment, the corporate culture and the team.

Performance Management

We are dedicated to having a fair and united performance management system, through which the KPI of our staff will be corresponding to the corporate strategic business performance.  Inspiration is deployed for setting up a performance management system that fits our corporate development. 






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