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One-Stop-Shop Solutions

An integrated manufacturer provides high-precision, high-complexity,  mission-critical components and solutions covering a large part of component sourcing value chain.

We are an integrated manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity,  mission-critical components and solutions and a reliable, flexible and global business partner to our valued customers. We manufacture and supply customized products and services according to customers’ specifications.

Our business enjoys a high level of vertical integration, enabling us to offer comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions that cover a large part of the precision component value chain– from concurrent design, rapid prototype development, tooling design and production, casting and machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, laboratory testing, to warehousing and other supply chain supports and services.

Product Development

We have a highly-skilled and innovative product development team that works hand-in-hand with our customers, from the initial concept of component design, part development to after-sale services. Our teams in China, the United States, Mexico, Germany and Turkey co-develop components on-site with many of our customers.

New Product Introduction

Our product team makes recommendations for design optimization, material selection, manufacturability improvement, cost reductions, as well as inspection and testing criteria.

Rapid Prototype Development

Our dedicated rapid prototyping shops and 3D printing capabilities enable us to rapidly respond to customer’s demands for a few pieces up to 1,000 pieces to suit their needs for design validation or small run production.

After-sales Services

We stand behind our products and services by responding to customer complaints/feedback within hours through our sales and customer service centers in the regions. Our sales engineering team works closely with customers on various VAVE initiatives and holds seminars on customer premises or in close vicinities for technical consultation and support.

Comprehensive and Flexible Manufacturing

Impro production facilities are designed and laid out to offer comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of products and services; our principles of Flexible Manufacture adopted throughout our organization make us versatile to handle orders of highly mixed of part numbers and in various batch sizes. The Comprehensiveness, the Flexibility, and the Agility manifested in our product and services underscore our unique advantages in winning customers’ trust and business opportunities. By working with Impro, our customers can quickly adjust to shifting market trends, speed up product launch time, and optimize their inventory levels.

Furthermore, with the support of our secondary machining as well as heat and surface treatment capabilities, we produce in-house all investment casting products and sand casting products from raw materials to finished products. It not only simplifies our customers’ sourcing process but also ensures that our strict control standards are applied to each critical stage of production.

Logistics Services at a Local Level

With our logistics facilities in China, the United States, and Europe, Impro provides prompt and comprehensive warehousing and other supply chain support and services to our customers at the local level.

Our logistics services include:

  • Order and Shipment Tracking

  • Freight Forwarding and Customs Handling

  • Domestic Stocking

  • Just in Time (JIT) Delivery

Global Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Asia, Europe, and North America. Customers may choose to issue orders for their global requirements but being manufactured and delivered by Impro manufacturing facilities in their neighborhoods. Our goal is to become a reliable and flexible business partner on the global platform.