Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

Our environment is the foundation of human life and development.  During the process of our company expansion, we have always been putting environmental protection and low CO2 emission as our top priority.  We always strive for being a world class clean corporation during the implementation of the green concept.


The cutting liquid waste and solid waste of our manufacturing plants will be collected and passed to qualified companies for environmental protection to do the processing.  Daily refuse will be handled by hygienic concealing process, being assisted by dust removal equipment.  We also pay much attention to the operational results and quality of the environmental protection measures in our manufacturing plants, where we shall take immediate action to correct any pollution noticed. 


Major manufacturing plants under the Impro Group are certified with the ISO14001 Environmental Protection system.  We follow strict environmental protection standards to handle the disposal of waste gas, waste water, and industrial residue, to make sure no pollution will happen inside the manufacturing plants and it will also be green, tidy and hygienic within the Impro plant surrounding areas.  

Health and Safety

Our company is operating under the Environment-Health-Safety (EHS) management system, by which we follow its standards to undertake both specific and general management.  The objectives of setting up the EHS management system are to make sure we shall fully protect our environment, continually improve the health and safety level of our work place, and offer reasonable benefits to our staff.


Every year, the company offers health checks to all staff and special health checks to staff at certain positions.  Workers’ compensation insurance and accidental insurance are provided to the staff.



We always bear in mind the demands and benefits of our customers.

Our manufacturing plants are dedicated to enhancing our product quality.  The concerned production plants are certified by ISO9001, TS16949, AS9100, NADCAP Aerospace-specific Accreditation, ISO13485 and various marine certifications.  We continually raise the technological advancement of our products.  Impro also puts much focus on process management so that every step of our production process will be monitored in detail based on legislation, our quality management system and customer requirements.  The results will be stable quality of our products and services.


We regularly conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey to better understand the customers’ feedbacks and satisfaction level towards our products and services. We can undertake timely and preventive measures to correct and improve ourselves.  We keep all the customers’ opinions and feedbacks confidential by signing non-disclosure agreements with customers 


Philanthropy is always one of the Chinese virtues.  The Impro family always join our effort in providing assistance to the unfortunates.


We collect and donate cash and clothes to schools in those impoverished areas every year.


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