Stay Together Fighting Against the Virus


Stay Together Fighting Against the Virus

February 18th, 2020

Impro donated N99 (FFP3) protective face masks to Wuxi Xishan people’s Hospital

Stay Together Fighting Against the Virus

Since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP, also known as COVID-19) in January 2020, Impro Group management keep paying close attention to the situation of the epidemic. We have initiated a contingency plan to tackle with NCP epidemic development. To proactively control the spread out of NCP epidemic and follow closely the official guideline of the People’s Republic of China government, all of the group’s China plants did not resume production before 10 February 2020. Meanwhile, we have fully utilized our rest of the world’s existing production capacity and supply chain network to meet the customer demand continuously. While minimizing the spread of epidemic and cope with the infection prevention and control measures by China government, most of the group’s China plants have resumed production up-to-date. We planned to gradually resume our full capacity on a secure and compliant manner in the next few weeks in order to meet the demands of our customers, and also to protect the interest of our customers, staff, and the shareholders.

While gradually resuming our capacity, our first priority remains on the safety and healthiness of our staff. The Group closely monitors the health status of staff and only allow the healthy employees without coronavirus infection to return to workplace. To ensure the safety of our staff and create a safe and infection-proof working environment, the Group already taken the following measures such as preparation of different kinds of epidemic prevention devices to fully protect the personal and environmental hygiene of staff, timely collection of staff information, regular disinfection of factory and office places, and arranging regular temperature measurement for staff. Besides, we also expanded the canteens space for our staff and arrange meal time on flexible schedule.

At this difficult time to fight the NCP epidemic, Impro’ staff leverages our core value of “Reliable, Flexible, Global” to make their great efforts to demonstrate corporate social responsibilities. For instance, we take advantage of the group’s supply chain to source globally anti-epidemic devices to donate to medical workers at the frontline in the infected cities. Up to 17 February 2020, Impro already donated 9,720 N99 (FFP3) protective face masks, 110,000 disposable medical surgical masks imported from Europe to Hong Kong United Christian Hospital, Wuxi Xishan People’s Hospital, The government of Wuxi Xishan Economic Development and Technological Zone and Yixing Environmental Protection Science and Technology Industrial Park.

It is the crunch time of NPC epidemic prevention. We hope our staff could stay together to fight against the NPC epidemic. Meanwhile, we want to express salute to the frontline medical workers. We sincerely wish our country peace and prosperity!

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