Go-Live of Impro Global CRM System


Go-Live of Impro Global Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

October 26th, 2020
[Wuxi, China, 10/19/2020] With the successful entry of first business data in CRM system, phase 1 project of Impro Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) was launched successfully. The establishment of Impro CRM system is aimed at comprehensively improving customers’ management level and sales operation efficiency, focusing on providing better and more efficient service for global customers.

Since the phase 1 project of Impro Global CRM system which was kicked off on July 2nd 2020, under the collaboration of project team and key users, after several key milestones such as thorough project research, blueprint planning, system development and testing, users training etc. which lasted for three and a half months, the system implementation of the blueprint scheme was successfully completed.

Impro CRM system was developed and customized on the basis of advanced, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It fully embedded Impro’s global footprint and the demand of serving global leading customers from North America, Europe and Asia. It consists of key modules such as marketing management, business opportunity management, customer management, RFQ management, sales forecast management, which can realize refined sales process management and efficient integration of sales & customer service personnel, and improve customers’ satisfaction and help the group expand sales growth.

Mr. Ruibo Lu, Chairman & CEO of Impro Precision, said, “Impro CRM system embodies the concept of customer-centric and providing high quality customer service. By the successful establishment of CRM system, the company’s sales and marketing service management level will be significantly improved and more valuable solutions will be provided to customers. It laid a solid foundation for Impro’s more efficient and rapid sales expansion.

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