IMAW Purchased 10 High-Precision DMU 50 Five-Axis Machining Centers


IMAW Purchased 10 High-Precision DMU 50 Five-Axis Machining Centers

May 2nd, 2017

To satisfy strong demand from the aerospace customers, Impro has recently acquired 10 DMU 50 five-axis machining centers to greatly expand precision machining capacity. All equipment is now fully commissioned and put into production.

The addition of ten new machining centers marks another important event for Impro Aerospace following installation of an ALD three-chamber furnace at the brand new 51,725 Sqm aerospace plant in Wuxi, China. The new machines will add 60,000 machining hours annually and are projected to produce 30,000 pieces of medium to complex aerospace machining parts, fulfilling orders from major aerospace OEM customers for hydraulic and air & fuel systems which are on the platforms such 737MAX, A320 neo, A350, and aircraft engine programs such as LEAP, PW800, and Trent XWB.

Each equipped with a 60-pocket tool changer, the new equipment allows changeovers among various machining operations, effectively achieve complex features within tight linear and geometrical tolerance which are commonly found on parts of aerospace hydraulic systems, air and fuel systems, and aircraft engines.

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