Impro Acquired A New Land Parcel In Kocaeli


IMPRO Acquired A New Land Parcel In Kocaeli

May 2nd, 2017

Impro Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of a land parcel in Turkey by CMTR. About one kilometer away from CMTR’s existing premises, the new land is located in the same industrial zone, sharing the neighborhood of major automotive companies. It is one of the most attractive parcels,  highly visible at the main entrance to the industrial zone.  An enclosed steel structure of 13,304 sqm is already set up, facilitating a further construction of a new plant. The total area of the land is 17,357.12 sqm.

The acquisition of the new land will open up space for CMTR’s future growth. Impro Group is committed to the long-term growth of CMTR whose outstanding operational performance fortifies our goal of doubling its revenue by 2020. CMTR is expected to bring this new plant to operation by the end of 2017.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Impro Group is a leading global integrated manufacturer of high precision, high complexity, and performance-critical metal components serving industrial leaders worldwide. CMTR is a subsidiary of Impro Group, and a leading precision machined parts manufacturer in Turkey serving renowned customers in the automotive industry worldwide. For additional information, please contact

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