Impro Exhibits at Engine Expo 2017


Impro Exhibiting at Engine Expo 2017

June 23rd, 2017

Stuttgart, Germany, 20th June 2017—The 2017 Engine Expo in Stuttgart unfolds on June 20th with over 800 exhibitors from all over the world. It is the most important engine and engine related product show, a show that cannot be missed by any key players in the automotive sector. Concurrent with this show, there are four other exhibitions: Automotive Testing Expo, Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo, Automotive Interiors Expo, and Autonomous Vehicle technology World Expo.

At the Expo, Impro showcases key products featuring the latest product technology and process innovations of Impro group. This year, investment cast Turbocharger Housing out of stainless steel and precision machined HPC parts for engine fuel systems mark our star products. Sales, marketing, engineering staffs representing Impro entities across four geographical regions are managing the booth, greeting and hosting visitors from current and potential interested customers.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Impro participated in the show, which is proven to be a productive show to keep us abreast with the latest industry development, technology advancements, and to keep up with customers’ evolving demands.

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