Impro Won “Best-in-Class Casting Special Award” at 2019 Foundry Expo


Impro Group Won “Best-in-Class Casting Special Award” at 2019 China International Foundry Expo

March 27th, 2019

The 17th China International Foundry Expo was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 13th to 16th. China Foundry Association appraised exhibited castings, foundry equipment, foundry materials, art castings and four new technologies during the exhibition.

The appraisal results of Best-in-Class Casting Award were announced on March 14th and the housing part of fuel system manufactured by IMAW was identified by the General Expert Assembly as highly recognized product with high-tech, complex process structure and high quality. With its large size, complex shape and inner cavity, wall thickness of less than 2mm, stringent non-destructive testing and close tolerance, the housing part stood out from more than 200 products presented by 154 companies and won the Best-in-Class Casting Special Award of 2019 China International Foundry Expo. IMAW was the only investment casting exhibitor to receive this honor.

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