Impro Precision Wins Quam IR Awards 2019


Impro Precision Wins the “Quam IR Awards 2019”

July 31st, 2020

Impro Precision Wins the “Quam IR Awards 2019”

Striving for Excellence in Corporate Governance

To Build a Strong Foundation for Business Growth

【Hong Kong, 31 July 2020】Impro Precision Industries Limited ( “Impro Precision” or “the Company”, together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”, stock code: 1286 ), announced today that the Group is honored to receive the “Quam IR Awards – First Year after Listing Category” organized by China Tonghai IR Limited, to commend the Group’s outstanding achievements in the aspect of investor relations and corporate governance.

The “Quam IR Awards” is widely recognized and the winners were selected based on judging criteria including corporate transparency, investor relations performance and interactions with shareholders.

As one of the global top 10 manufacturers of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical casting and machined components, Impro Precision always pays close attention to investor relations. The Group makes every effort to maintain an open dialogue with investors, listens carefully to all views and announces the Company’s latest development through various communication channels. Moreover, Impro Precision upholds its six essential factors of “people, quality, safety, speed, cost and globalization” and is committed to maintaining efficient corporate governance. On 3 July 2020, the “Sustainability Committee” was formally established, realizing the Company’s sustainability vision, continuously improve the Company’s value, corporate efficiency and governance capabilities, and protect the rights and interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Mr. LU Ruibo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Impro Precision, said, “We are delighted to receive this award. This award not only recognizes the Group’s excellence performance in investor relations but also brings great encouragement to our investor relations team. We strive to become a responsible and leading enterprise of high standards. In addition to actively promoting diversified investor relations activities, the Group reinforces its commitment to honesty, transparency, business ethics and regulatory compliance, both within the Group and all other external stakeholders. In future, we will strive to create greater returns for our shareholders by making relentless efforts to our investor relations work and actively strengthen our corporate governance.”

About Impro Precision Industries Limited

Impro Precision Industries Limited, was founded in 1998 in Wuxi City and its global headquarters was moved to Hong Kong in 2011. The Group is a global top 10 manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical casting and machined components for diverse end-markets. According to the Roland Berger Report, the Group was the world’s 7th largest independent and China’s largest investment casting manufacturer and also the world’s 4th largest precision machining company in the end-markets of automotive, aerospace and hydraulics, each in terms of total revenue in 2018. The Group was also one of the few domestic suppliers offering one-stop solutions, including initial research and development, tooling design and manufacturing, casting, heat treatment, secondary machining and surface treatment. Impro Precision has established global footprint of 15 production facilities in China, Turkey, Germany, the Czech Republic and Mexico, which are supported by 9 sales offices in China, America, Luxembourg, Germany, Turkey and Hong Kong, as well as warehousing capacities in China, America, Luxembourg and Turkey. The Group has established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with a number of globally recognized industry leaders, selling its products to more than 30 countries and regions.

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