Successful Relocation Of Impro Aerospace Foundry In Wuxi New District


Successful Relocation of Impro Aerospace Foundry in Wuxi New District

May 2nd, 2017

With the hand-over of the land certificate, house proprietary certificate and the last demolition payment between Impro Aerospace Components (Wuxi) Co. Ltd and Wuxi Wangzhuang demolition office, the relocating work of Impro Aerospace Components (Wuxi) Co.Ltd in Wuxi New District has been marked a successful conclusion. It also marked the successful integration of Impro Aerospace Foundry and Machine Factory in Wuxi.

For this relocation, all equipment was loaded onto more than 90 trucks, involving more than 300 people of the foundry factory. This relocation took a huge amount of workload. In addition to the equipment set-up and commissioning, process and product validation and re-approval were also carried out which took nearly six months. Finally, we passed the stringent audit accreditation of AS9100, NADCAP special processes and each customer’s special audits. Also, due to good performance, all NADCAP certified special processes have awarded additional 6 to 12 months validity. At the same time, we completed the FAIR submission of more than 280 part numbers.

The new foundry plant has a total construction area of 51,725 square meters. The new equipment is advanced and has higher degree of automation, and process layout is further refined. Impro Aerospace is well positioned for achieving accelerated growth and a bright future.

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