Impro Awarded Quality Excellent Supplier Prize by Caterpillar


Wuxi Impro-Bees Precision Bearing Co., Ltd was awarded Quality Excellent Supplier Prize by Caterpillar

December 29th, 2017

On December 20, 2017, Mr. Wang Dong, Executive Director & General Manager of WIBB, and Mr. Zhang Jingyi, Quality Director of WIBB, were invited to attend the 2018 CCMC Supplier Conference in Wuxi. During this meeting, WIBB won the 2017 Quality Excellent Supplier award from Caterpillar. Mr. Xia Weihua, General Manager of CCMC, presented the award to Mr. Wang Dong and posed for photos for the honorable moment.

Caterpillar admits that the sudden market recovery in year 2017 has brought great challenges to all suppliers. In spite of a rapid demand increase of 43%, WIBB achieved 54 PPM during 2017 and a 12-month average OTD of 96%. In addition, the WIBB team worked closely with the CCMC hydraulic plant and achieved a 100% on-time closing rate on all quality issues.

The award from Caterpillar is not only a recognition for the WIBB team / entire Impro team but also a motivational factor for Impro to make continuous improvements.

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