Sand Castings


Sand casting products are produced by pouring molten metal into sand mold cavity to form the products.

All-around and Flexible Sand Casting Capabilities

Impro is recognized by the industry for our capabilities of manufacturing high-end sand castings in different sizes with stringent requirements, complex geometries and high grade materials. This results in the production of components with slim wall, complex geometry and tight dimensional tolerance.


The state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and advanced technology enable us to accommodate low  to high production volume and produce castings with a wide size range from 0.3kg to 20 tons. 


In addition, on top of normal grey iron and ductile iron, we can also use other high-grade raw materials to produce components in accordance with any special customer requirements such as heat-resistant ductile iron, low-temperature ductile iron, high-alloy ductile iron and compacted graphite Iron with our several large tonnages of medium frequency induction furnaces.


Our annual production capacity can exceed 33,000 tons.


Finished Product to Print

With dedicated in-house machining, heat treatment and surface treatment facilities, our integrated operations team will be able to deliver finished products efficiently to our customers. 

Highly Engineered Product for Diversified Markets
We manufacture sand casting products that are primarily sold to and installed inside high horsepower engines, construction equipment, recreational boats, agriculture equipment and medical equipment. Our star products include cylinder blocks and heads, hydraulic valve bodies, gear box parts, planet carrier parts and steering knuckles.

Sand Casting Processes and Capabilities



Weight Range

Suitable Sand Casting Component Application

Process Parameter

IMF Automatic
Resin Sand Molding


Size range: 100-800mm, wall
thickness above 3mm

Flask size:
30 molds/hour

IMF Automatic
Resin Sand Molding


Suitable for medium and large sized ductile iron products

Flask size:
10-15 molds per hour

IMF Automatic
Resin Sand Molding


Suitable application:
V-type and Line Engine cylinder block

Flask size:
4200×3200×1000/1000 mm
10 molds per hour

Sinto FBO Automatic Green Sand Molding Line


Suitable for medium-volume and small and medium sized castings

Flask size:
610×510×250/250 mm

Z149 Molding Line


Suitable for various castings from low to high volume

Flask size:
900×700×300/300 mm

Resin Sand Manual
Molding, Pit Pouring


Suitable for low-volume castings and prototypes



Material Capabilities


Ductile Iron 

GGG40~70, FCD400~700, QT400~700, EN-GJS-400-18-LT


Grey Iron

GG20, GG25, GG30, GG35, FC200-350, G2500~4000


Compacted Graphite Iron

RT350~450, EN-GJV-350/400/450


High SiMo-Ductile Iron

SiMo4.1*, STD-02-0811*, GRPSiMo*, and more


Austempered Ductile Iron



High Nickel Ductile Iron



Highly Engineered Products
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World-class Manufacturing Facilities

The world-class sand casting facilities are located in Yixing (Plant 6) and Taizhou (Plant7), China.

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