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One-Stop Solutions

Parts like pistons, cylinder blocks, housings and valve spools go through many steps on their journey from raw material to finished components ready for assembly. Casting processes, precision machining processes, heat treatment and surface finishing all take time to perform, and when each step is undertaken by a different supplier costs and logistics challenges multiply dramatically.

Working with a business partner that can provide a one-stop-shop service takes complexity out of the procurement process. It reduces lead time and improves quality too. It can even simplify and accelerate new product development and prototyping activities.

Impro has the resources and capabilities to provide just such a one-stop solution. Here’s how.

Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Impro can undertake both investment casting and sand casting, in a wide range of materials. Our expertise extends to tooling development and we understand the complex interactions between process capabilities and product design. Our specialists can advise on the most appropriate process for your part, and can help optimize the design to save money and improve quality.

Impro has made substantial investments in casting and precision machining capabilities. These include:

  • Automatic wax pattern injection, robotic shell making lines, air and vacuum melting and pouring
  • Automatic green and resin sand casting lines
  • 4-axle, 5-axle machining centers
  • CNC milling and turning machines capable of high accuracy and repeatability
  • ID, OD and centerless grinding
  • Honing

Many precision parts require heat treatment before or after machining. This could be for stress relief or to modify properties like hardness and toughness. We can perform a range of heat treatment processes and also have cryogenic capabilities for specializedhardening and toughening requirements.

Volume Flexibility

A program of strategic investments in manufacturing capacity has given Impro the ability to handle orders of any scale. Both the casting and precision machining sides of our business have equipment for high, medium and low volume production. In addition,
flexibility is a hallmark of how our operations are managed and run.

Support For Development And Prototyping

Impro can work with you to ensure your products are designed for manufacturability. This extends to tooling design and prototype manufacture. Our casting and machining experts will advise on feasibility and the cost and quality impacts of your design choices, helping you create a superior product in less time.

Local And Flexible Logistics Capabilities

Manufacturing is global, and Impro has the production, warehousing and logistics resources to match. Operating in multiple countries, we can produce and hold inventory close to where you need it. This improves your operational flexibility and helps lower your transport costs.

The Benefits Of Working With A One-Stop Solution Provider

Partnering with a business that can provide a complete manufacturing service, from design and casting to machining, finishing and delivery, offers many advantages over dealing with a host of suppliers focusing on specific processes. Some of these flow from the simplification of procurement and logistics. Others are a result of the visibility a one-stop-shop has through the entire manufacturing process.
Benefits customers tell us they see include:

  • Less purchasing administration
  • Fewer financial transactions
  • No need to manage transport from shop to shop
  • Reduced lead times, because transportation delays are eliminated
  • Lower costs, because there’s less handling and damage
  • Lower unit costs, as part designs are optimized for the whole manufacturing process, rather than individual steps. (For example, the cost of more complex casting tools can pay off in lower machining costs.)
  • Better quality, because Impro has complete end-to-end visibility of and control over the manufacturing process

Reduce Complexity And Save Time And Money

In industries from automotive and aerospace to hydraulic equipment and energy, legislation and competitive pressures lead to ever-increasing product complexity. Inevitably, that flows down into subsystems and individual components, all of which take more steps to produce.

Sourcing each step to a separate vendor is a recipe for long delays, high costs and poor quality. Instead, choose to partner with a global manufacturing organization that can provide a complete one-stop solution, not just in manufacturing, but from design to logistics. Impro is ready to work with you.

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