Precision Machining- Capabilities -Turning, Milling, Grinding

Precision Machining


Impro takes pride in providing our high-quality products and services, reasonable costs, and timely delivery of all our products. We hold quality certifications according to ISO 9001, ISO/IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO14001, and BS OHSAS 18001. Impro is reputed for its flexible and agile manufacturing operations by delivering orders for just a few pieces or up to several million.

Precision Machining Process Capabilities

ProcessTypeSize RangeAccuracy
TurningCNC TransferΦ20×100 mm0.01 mm
TurningCNC Swiss LatheΦ32×320 mm0.01 mm
TurningCNC Swiss LatheΦ32×600 mm0.01 mm
TurningCNC Fixed LatheΦ140×300 mm0.01 mm
TurningCNCΦ620×1200 mm0.01 mm
TurningCNC MultiSpindleΦ22×120 mm0.01 mm
TurningCNC MultiSpindleΦ32×100 mm0.01 mm
Turning and MillingCNC Turret-Type super multitasking machineΦ190×678 mm0.005 mm
MillingCNC1035×510×635 mm0.01 mm
MillingCNC1300×550×635 mm0.01 mm
Gun-drillingCNCΦ0.8-Φ12×400 mm0.015 mm
Gun-drillingCNCΦ0.8-Φ18×1200 mm0.015 mm
HobbingHobbingΦ60×175 mmQuality 8
DeburringTrowal Deburring
GrindingCNC Plane – Double FaceΦ200x75mmFlatness: 0.001 mm
GrindingPlane610×305×450 mmFlatness: 0.001 mm
GrindingCNC Plunge GrindingΦ150×250 mmRoundness: 0.0004 mm
Straightness: 0.001 mm
GrindingCNC Throughfeed GrindingΦ100×400 mmRoundness: 0.0004 mm
Straightness: 0.001 mm
GrindingCenterless GrindingΦ150×280 mmRoundness: 0.0005 mm
Straightness: 0.0010 mm
GrindingCenterless GrindingΦ200×400 mmRoundness: 0.0005 mm
Straightness: 0.0010 mm
GrindingCylindrical GrindingΦ449×700 mmRoundness: 0.001 mm
Straightness:0.001 mm
GrindingCNC ODΦ200×1000 mmRoundness: 0.0004 mm
Straightness:0.0010 mm
GrindingIDΦ100×100 mm0.005 mm
GrindingCNC IDΦ100×150 mm0.005 mm
GrindingID HoningΦ3.2-100×280 mmRoundness: 0.0025 mm
Straightness:0.0025 mm
HoningID HoningΦ12×180 mmRoundness: 0.001 mm
Straightness:0.0010 mm
LappingIDΦ80×300 mmRoundness:0.001 mm
Roughness:Ra≤0.05 μm
LappingPlane300×300 mmRFlatness:0.0005 mm
Super FinishOD SuperfinishΦ100×400 mm<Rz0.4
WashingUltrasonic Washing400×500 mm<200µm
WashingSpray Type WashingΦ50×1200 mm<200µm
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