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Construction Equipment

Construction equipment is used around the globe to perform construction projects. They may be used to mine minerals in quarries, construct buildings and bridges, perform landscaping, or dredge lakes and rivers. These machines have complex systems that must operate in unison to complete many tasks such as drilling, hauling, excavating, paving, and grading, including the movement of boom arms and attachments while the machine is in motion.

A Leading Manufacturer of Precision Casting and Machining Components for Construction Equipment

Impro supplies a broad range of precision casting and machining components to world industry leaders in the construction equipment end market. We produce and supply engine fuel system parts, transmission system parts, and hydraulic system parts.

Impro’s comprehensive capabilities, including engineering design, prototyping, tooling design and manufacture, casting, secondary machining, heat treatment, and surface treatments, bring immense benefits to our customers who need superior products at competitive pricing. We also provide laboratory testing, product certification, and warehousing/distribution support services.

Construction Equipment Parts from Impro

Hydraulic System Parts- Precision Machining

A typical hydraulic system has numerous complex parts and assemblies to control heavy equipment attachments and operate other systems. Some of these complex parts include hydraulic pumps, valves, accumulators, hydraulic cylinders and motors, high-pressure ball valves, and fittings. Here at Impro, we specialize in making precision-machined parts for construction equipment. Typical products we produce include valve spools, sleeves, pistons, and valve bodies.

Fuel Injection System Components- Precision Machining and Investment Casting

Impro’s expertise and vast knowledge allow us to produce high-quality components for fuel injection systems. These components are made for both gasoline and diesel engines. Parts that Impro specializes in include fuel injector parts, high-pressure common-rail brackets, injector clamps, inlet connectors, rail and accessories, fuel pump, and metering pump parts.

Transmission System Parts-Sand Casting, Investment Casting, and Precision Machining

OEM customers turn to the dedicated capabilities offered from Impro for gear housings, planetary gear sets, flywheels, driveshafts, differential gear pins, forks, pulleys, and other parts. We ensure that every component that leaves our facility will work well in the vehicle transmission system so the construction equipment will operate reliably with durability.

Let Impro’s manufacturing processes provide you with the parts and components to keep equipment systems functioning at optimal levels. Contact us for your next project!

Stainless Steel Manifold Investment Casting for construction equipment



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