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Parts for medical applications require precise and tight tolerance, durability, and reliable performance. At Impro, we manufacture and supply investment castings, sand castings and precision machined components for diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, biosystem equipment, prosthetics, and patient handling equipment.

Materials Used for Medical Casting and Precision Machining Parts

Medical components require materials that are safe when coming into human contact. The materials are required to be hard-wearing, corrosion resistant, and fatigue resistant while expecting to be load bearing for certain applications.

We produce parts in an assortment of materials including anodized aluminum, cobalt chrome alloys, 6AL4V titanium, 316 and 17-4 precipitation hardened stainless steels.

By selecting durable, hardened and corrosion-resistant materials, the components can handle frequent daily uses and multiple sterilization and cleaning techniques. Medical sterilization and cleaning may involve the extended use of peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide that strips off paints and coatings.

Many of the metals used for component manufacturing are left uncoated to prevent any paints of coatings from flaking while the device is in use. Often, our equipment provides smooth surface finishes that may not need additional grinding and polishing processes. By selecting the right materials, customers are reassured the components and parts are safe and long-lasting.

Medical Products Made by Investment Casting

Impro has extensive experience of manufacturing components for medical devices of various types. Those parts made by investment casting processes include:

  • Mount Housing
  • Flange Pivot
  • Caster Mount
  • Guide
  • Support Block
  • Bracket
  • Hinge Block
  • Radial Support


End use applications for these components include diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, biosystem equipment, prosthetics, patient handling equipment and implants.

Medical Products Made by Precision Machining

By using precision machining processes, customers receive components that have fine details, high dimensional accuracy, and durability. We use high quality machine tools as well as the appropriate cutting tool selection and usage to provide medical components that meet the highest standards.

  • Elbow Shaft
  • Pin Connector
  • Block, Threaded-Lifting
  • Rod End Link
  • Clamp Cap


Medical Products Made by Sand Casting

Our resin sand casting process enables us to produce large machine base, equipment frame and other structural parts weighing from a few hundred pounds to a few tons. These parts are of complex structure, high dimensional accuracy, and special surface treatment requirements. Impro’s comprehensive capabilities not only allow us to produce the parts all under the same roof but also ensure quality and lead time meeting customer expectations.

Just a few of our medical clients include Stryker, Philips Medical, GE Healthcare and Leica. These industry-leading companies have trusted Impro for their critical part needs and formed long-standing working partnerships with us. Our state-of-the-art facility is ISO 13485-certified. Medical parts customers find numerous benefits from our comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions for fast delivery and high-quality products.

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