Heat Treatment

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Heat Treatment

Multi-purpose Heat Treating

Our heat treatment line consists of equipment from industry leading furnace solutions provider, AICHELIN. Our automated, CNC-controlled heat treatment line can perform multiple operations– carburizing, carbon restoration, normalizing, carbonitriding, and tempering of low alloy steel. The heat treatment line runs 24/7.

Furnace Capabilities:
Furace Model# Hot Zone Dimensions Max Temperature Max Load Quantity
VKEs 4/1-70/65/130CN 1300mm*700mm*650mm 950 ℃ 1000 kg 7
VKEs4/2-70/85/130CN 1300mm*700mm*850mm 950 ℃ 1200 kg 6

Impro Multi-purpose Heat Treatment Production Line

Vacuum Heat Treating

We have in-house vacuum heat treating capabilities backed by technical expertise, quality and world-class equipment. From bearings to Valve, drive shaft, plate -butterfly, piston, flange, diffuser and beyond, we ensure products meet customer and industry specifications.

Furnace Capabilities:

Furace Model# Hot Zone Dimensions Max Temperature Max Load Quantity
Turbo2Treater XL (HV) – 12 bar(IPSEN) 1200mm*900mm*900mm 1320℃ 1500 kg 2
VGQ-150B 900mm*600mm*600mm 1320℃ 500 kg 4
VOQ2-80 700mm*500mm*500mm 1270℃ 300 kg 1

Impro Vacuum Heat Treatment Production Line

Cryogenic Processing

Cryogenic processing, a treatment making workpieces going through a very low temperature process, brings many benefits for certain metal alloys, which include:

  • Enhanced hardness and the impact toughness of the workpiece
  • Improved the corrosion and wear resistance
  • Reduction of workpiece deformation and cracks

Furnace Capabilities:

Furace Model# Hot Zone Dimensions Max Temperature Max Load Quantity
STD-100L W1000mm×D1000mm×H1000mm -80℃ 600 kg 2

Impro Cryogenic Processing Equipment

Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment

Aluminum alloy heat treatment is a process to heat aluminum parts to a predetermined temperature at a controlled rate in accordance with applicable specifications and hold the temperature for a specific duration and then cool down at a controlled rate. The purpose of the treatment is to transform the alloy internal structure, thereby enhancing mechanical properties, wear resistance and improving machinability and dimentional stablility.

Furnace Capabilities:

Furace Model# Hot Zone Dimensions Max Temperature Max Load Quantity
GR01-GR02 1500mm*1000mm*1000mm 600℃ 800 kg 2

Impro Aluminum Heat Treatment Line

Annealing, and Stress Relieving

Annealing is a heat treating process to heat metal workpiece to a predetermined temperature and then cool to room temperature. Annealing is to improve the ductility and reduce brittleness of the workpiece.
Stress relieving is to heat metal workpieces to a predetermined temperature below its lower transformation temperature and then cool to room temperature. It aims to release internal stresses that have been absorbed by the metal from processes such as casting, forging and welding due to varying cooling speeds in different areas of workpiece or from straightening, machining or rolling.

Furnace Capabilities:

Furace Model# Hot Zone Dimensions Max Temperature Max Load Quantity
SX01-SX02 1500mm*1000mm*1000mm 250℃ 500 kg 2
GH01 1200mm*900mm*900mm 950℃ 1000 kg 1

Gas Nitriding

Gas Nitriding is a process to heat normalized and machining processed steel parts in nitrogen rich carrier gasses, such as ammonia gas, and hold at a temperuate in the range of 500~540℃ for a specified duration. The nitrogen carrier gas disfuses reactive nitrogen atoms to the surface layer of the steel parts, thereby obtaining a hard, wear resistant, and corrosition resistant surface in a white glowing color and with a penetrated depth.

Furnace Capabilities:

Furace Model# Hot Zone Dimensions Max Temperature Max Load Quantity
GY12-08 Φ550×1050mm 650℃ 800 kg 3

Impro Gas Nitriding Heat Treatment Line

Induction Heat Treating

Induction heat treating is a process to heat designated areas of a part by an induction heating coil which receives controlled electrical input from the magnetic field generated by the equipment. The part surface can be heated to a specified depth, leaving the core of the piece untreated.
After heating the designated areas to specified depths, the parts are then quenched and tempered to relieve stresses and achieve hardness within a desirable range.

Furnace Capabilities:

Furace Model# Max size of workpiece Max Working frequency Quantity
GGC80-2A Φ40×450mm 200-250KHz 3

Impro NADCAP Heat Treating Processes for Aerospace Products

Impro in-house Nadcap-certified heat treatment processes ensure components meet high dimensional accuracy and stringent strength and fatigue property requirements for aerospace , energy, and medical applications. Heat treating is an essential step in the production process to meet customer specification and requirements. Having all processes under our own control , we not only ensure product quality but also shorten overall lead time for our products.

Process Classification Specification size of workpiece Material list
Vaccum Gas Cooling heat treatment
Homogenize, Solution,
Annealing,Hardening (Austenitizing and Quenching)
AMS2759/2, AMS2759/3, AMS2759/4,
AMS2759/5, AMS2774, AMS-H-6875
17-4PH, 15-5PH, 17-7PH, 13-8Mo, 347, M50, 440C, 431,
INCONEL718, CoCrMo, Haynes Alloy, UNS K94840,etc.
Vaccum Oil Cooling Heat treatment
Hardening (Austenitizing and Quenching)
AMS2759/1,AMS2759/2,AMS-H-6875 52100, 135M, 4140, 4130, 4340, etc.
Aluminium Alloy heat treatment
Solution, Aging
AMS2771, AMS2770 C355, A356, A357, 2024, 6061, 7075, etc.
Gas nitriding treatment AMS2759/6, PS-2203, BPS4646 135M, 42CrMo, 17-4PH, etc.
Cold Stabilzation, Refrigerate BPS4602, AMS 2759/5, AMS 2759/2 440C, 52100, etc.
Stress Relieving BPS4620, AMS 2759/11 135M, 440C, 52100, etc.
Tempering and Aging AMS2759/1, AMS2759/2, AMS2759/3 17- 4PH, 15-5PH, 17-7PH, 13-8Mo, M50, 440C, 4140, etc.
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