Value and Culture

Value and Culture

Integrity and Credibility

It means following through on the promises we make, and conducting business ethically and responsibly. At Impro, this is a critical element of everything we do. It guides our every action and reinforces our commitment to honesty, transparency, business ethics and regulatory compliance, both within our company and in the outside world.

Diligence and Unity

It means not only committing to one’s work but also ensuring that the work one does is done thoroughly. It also means that collaboration is our route to success. We believe that creating team-based work will enable individuals to contribute in their areas of strength and improve in areas where development is needed. At Impro, Diligence underlies all of our work processes; through Unity, we can achieve more than through working alone.

Pragmatism and Efficiency

It means being practical in all situations, driving towards results and minimizing non-value added activities. At Impro, Pragmatism is the roadmap to execution, and Efficiency drives all of our actions. It frames the way we view our path forward and enables us to achieve results by seeing each challenge as it really is. It means that we minimize waste of all sorts, including duplicate processing or downtime.

Pursuit of Excellence and Innovation

It means always paying careful attention to detail, looking for ways to improve on activities done in the past and challenging conventions and thinking outside of the box in all areas of the business. At Impro, the Pursuit of Excellence sets us apart. We’re committed to putting all our efforts into every task we undertake, and making sure that we strive for perfection. Innovation allows us to reframe problems and see solutions that others may not see. It is the way we continuously improve.

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