The energy industry relies on operating systems, machines, and other equipment to provide resources to businesses and consumers. Energy equipment and systems are often used in harsh working conditions and extreme climates. They may also become exposed to hazardous materials. All of these factors can increase the wear and tear of parts, or cause component failure.

At Impro, we specialize in providing high-quality energy components. By selecting the right manufacturing processes and materials, we produce components that can withstand temperature extremes and environmental factors such as:

  • Dust and mud
  • Humidity and moisture
  • Oil and solvents
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Ultraviolet solar radiation
  • Potential fires and explosions

Our manufacturing capabilities consist of investment casting, sand casting, and precision machining. With these versatile processes, we can make durable, high-quality components for customers in the energy sector as our parts will meet or exceed industry standards. The types of components we manufacture will be based on the energy systems and operations. Our typical products include components for:

  • Industrial gas turbines
  • Power generator engines
  • Steering systems in solar power fields
  • Well testing equipmen
  • Drilling equipment
  • Oil and gas transportation systems
  • Flame/gas detection systems used for offshore oil drilling platforms


If you work in the energy equipment sector and have a component need, please reach out to our team at Impro to get started.

Stainless Steel investment casting


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