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High Horsepower Engine

High-horsepower engines provide ample power to run heavy equipment and machines for a variety of operations. These engines are used in large excavator equipment, airplanes, ocean liners, nuclear power stations, and data centers. Whether building a new engine for a specialized piece of equipment or requiring service parts for existing engines, Impro offers one-stop solutions of mission-critical casting and precision machined components for high horsepower engines.

A Trusted Casting and Precision Machining Part Supplier to Industry Leaders in High Horsepower Engine End Market

Impro is a trusted supplier of mission-critical investment casting, sand casting, and precision machining parts to the world-renowned OEM customers in the high horsepower engine sector. Our prestigious customers include Cummins, Caterpillar, INNIO, GE Power, Wabtec, and Wartsila, to name just a few. When customers work with us, they have covered a broad spectrum of component needs. All the manufacturing processes are in-house within Impro facilities to ensure quality and shorten production lead time. Our global manufacturing footprint offers Region-for-Region supply chain solutions.

Sand Castings for High Horsepower Engines

Impro sand casting plants focus on complex, multi-cored sand castings for high horsepower engine applications. With multiple molding lines and resin sand and green sand processes, we manufacture and supply castings ranging from a few kilograms to a few tons in ductile iron, grey iron, and compacted graphite iron.

Multi-cored, Complex, and High-Performance Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads

We are ranked the 5th largest foundry in the iron sand complex high-performance casting market according to Roland Berger Industry Report 2019 in terms of revenue. We specialize in manufacturing engine blocks (inline and V-shaped) and cylinder heads cast in ductile iron, grey iron, and compacted graphite iron (CGI). Secondary machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment are all performed in-house. Customer awards for rapid product development, competitive costs, and reliable quality are clear indications of customer satisfaction.

Engine Emission, Filtration System, and Fuel System Parts

Other engine components we produce with sand casting process include oil manifold, intake and exhaust manifold, pipes, flywheel housing, brackets, and combustion bodies.

Investment Castings for High Horsepower Engines

We cast parts with complex design criteria from stainless steel and alloy steels for the high horsepower engine applications. Our vertically integrated business model, covering the precision component value chain, spanning from casting to machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment, allows us to offer customized, ready-to-use products to customers. Impro has decades of experience manufacturing investment cast injector clamps, combustion bodies, elbows, brackets, EGR system parts, impellers for engine cooling systems, and engine emission and filtration system parts for world-class heavy-duty engine manufacturers such as Caterpillar and Cummins.

Precision Machining Parts for High Horsepower Engines

Impro operates precision CNC machining facilities in China, Turkey, and Mexico, and we are committed to providing products of high quality at a competitive cost and with timely delivery. High horsepower engines power sophisticated capital equipment or infrastructures. High accuracy and reliable performance are essential for parts and components used on high horsepower engines. Impro has decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying cam followers, connecting rods, components for fuel systems and emission control systems, direct diesel common rail parts, fuel pump parts, parts for engine cooling and air management systems, piston pins, valve-train system parts for high horsepower engines. For more information about our precision CNC machining services or to request a quote, contact us directly.

High Horsepower Engine Components

Typical Products for High Horsepower Engine

Here we provide examples of high horsepower engine applications that we manufacture, which include:

  • Manifolds
  • Engine blocks
  • Locomotive engine frames
  • Cylinder heads (can be manufactured using a range of materials and complex geometry)
  • Flywheel housings
  • Components for fuel systems
  • Components for emission control systems


Quality Certification

Impro manufacturing facilities producing high horsepower engine components are certified to various industry standards to meet customer requirements:

To learn more about Impro’s capabilities to satisfy your need for high horsepower engine components, reach out to the Impro team now to get started.

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