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High Horsepower Engine

High-horsepower engines may have power outputs of 500 HP up to a possible 1 million HP to provide the ample power to run heavy equipment and machines for a variety of operations. These engines are used in a host of industries, such as large excavator equipment, airplanes, ocean liners, nuclear power stations, and data centers. Whether building a new engine for a specialized piece of equipment, or requiring parts for existing engines, Impro offers mission-critical components for high horsepower engines.

Manufacturing Capabilities for High-Horsepower Engine Applications

Impro offers investment casting, sand casting, and precision machining capabilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated processes provide components for applications include:

  • Oil and gas transmission and processing: These applications rely on drills and workover rigs to explore wells and drill for natural resources. They also rely on power modules for processing and transmission operations.
  • Transportation applications: Commercial and industrial companies rely on high-powered engines to operate on-highway trucks and off-highway vehicles. These engines may also be used for rail transportation services. Industries using these vehicles also include construction, agriculture, and mining.
  • Power generator sets: Power generators may provide emergency, critical standby, and secondary power supplies when experiencing issues from main power sources. They may also be used for peak shaving to lower electrical usage and limit the amount of electricity drawn from power grids. Power generator sets are used in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, government facilities, water/wastewater treatment, and large commercial buildings.

High-Horsepower Engine Products

Impro has decades of expertise and knowledge to produce reliable and high-quality parts for your specific application. High-horsepower engine products we manufacture include:

  • Manifolds
  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads (can be manufactured using a range of materials and complex geometry)
  • Components for fuel systems
  • Components for emission control systems


One-Stop Shop Business Model

Just a few of our high-horsepower engine customers include INNIO, GE Power, Wabtec and Wartsila. These companies have trusted Impro to make mission-critical components for their high-horsepower engines. Impro delivers value to every customer due to our unique one-stop-shop business models. Services we offer include:

  • Engineering design support
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Tooling design and manufacture
  • Casting
  • Secondary machining
  • Heat treatment and surface treatment
  • Metallography and metrology inspection and testing
  • Product certification
  • Warehousing and logistical support

Obtain the high-horsepower engines and products for your specific operations. Reach out to our team at Impro to get started.

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