Impro Mexico Sand Casting Plant

Impro Mexico

Sand Casting Plant

Equipped with the latest technology of automatic molding and pouring lines, the sand casting plant houses iron green sand casting, heat treatment, painting and coating, secondary machining, inspection and cleaning operations. Our new facility will allow for a projected capacity of 45,000 tons/year for green sand castings. We’re able to provide low to high volume output.

Sand Casting Production Line Flask Size (mm) Product Weight (Kg) Projected Capacity (Tons/year)
 Line 1 (Phase 1)– Sinto Automatic Green Sand Molding Line 610 x 508 x 200/200
0.5-40  5,000
Line 2 (Phase 1) – KW (Kuenkel-Wagner) Static Pressure Green Sand Molding Line 1,350 x 1,000 x 350/350
(250/250; 450/450)
30-400 40,000

A resin sand casting workshop is currently planned, which is suited for complex and large sand castings with a piece weight up to eight tons.

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