History of Impro



– We Completed Acquisition of Ameriforge Manufacturing to consolidate aerospace business and strengthen oil & gas business

– We completed acquisition of the Hydraulic Orbital Motor business from Danfoss Jiangsu. The Orbital Motor Business operates under the brand of “Impro Fluidtek”.

– Investment Casting Plant of Impro Mexico SLP Campus commences production


– Production kickoff at Impro Mexico SLP Campus, Precision Machining and Sand Casting Plants began production


– Groundbreaking of South Campus of Impro Xishan Base
Impro Xishan Base


– Impro Industries Mexico and Impro Aerospace Mexico acquired two parcels of land in Mexico for construction of new production plant

– Impro Precision Industries Limited was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1286.HK)

Impro Mexico Manufacturing Campus


– Impross Impeller has become a non-wholly owned subsidiary of our Company.


– As part of our regional expansion plan, Cengiz Makina acquired a land parcel in Turkey for the extension of our existing production facility.

– We established a new production facility in Mexico which engages in precision machining.


– We acquired the Shenhai Group and Plant 8 in Haimen City, Jiangsu, China.

– We acquired Cengiz Makina in Turkey which operated a production facility.


– We acquired the BFG Group which operated three production facilities located in Germany and the Czech Republic, and extended our global footprint.


– We established our regional headquarters in Europe in Luxembourg to manage sales, warehousing and logistics centres.

– We began our external growth. We acquired Impro Taizhou and Plant 7 located in Taizhou, China, which focuses on sand casting.


– Our worldwide headquarters were relocated to Hong Kong.

– We received equity investments from Baring and GE, and we repurchased all the remaining Shares held by Lehman and DEG using funds from such equity investments.


– Plant 3 was awarded its first NADCAP Aerospace Special Process accreditation.


– We received the AS9100 certification for our aerospace products. Plant 3 was transformed into the production facility for aerospace and medical products using our self-developed technology.

– We received equity investment from Lehman.

– We received equity investment from DEG.


– The production facilities at Plant 2 were used for the production of precision bearing and hydraulic products.

– The production facilities at Plant 6 were established for sand casting and secondary machining.


– We were accredited with ISO9001, and ISO/IATF 16949 (in respect of automotive products).

– We started surface treatment business through the establishment of Plant 4.


– We started sand casting business through the establishment of Plant 3.

– We expanded our investment casting business through the establishment of Plant 5, which has now been combined into Plant 1 following the merger of Impro Metal-Tech into Impro China.


– We established Impro Germany and our sales and customer services offices in Germany.


– We started precision machining business through the establishment of Plant 2.


– Mr. Lu established Wuxi Yingzhan and the business of manufacturing machined parts and components in Wuxi, the PRC, at Plant 1.

– We established our first overseas sales and customer services office and warehouse in the United States.

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