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Surface Treatment


Impro is a full-service electroplating and metal finishing provider. Our process capabilities include Chrome, Nickel, Zink-Nickel, Cadmium, Copper, Zinc, Tin-zinc, Zinc-iron, Electroless Nickel plating, Anodizing, Chem-Film, Passivation, Phosphate, and Electro-polishing for products made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and superalloys. Besides, we offer non-electrolytic coating services. We serve customers in the automotive, aerospace, high-speed rail, energy, superconductor, and medical industries.

Impro is equipped with automated production lines with real-time process monitoring systems, and automatic feeders for chemicals. We are highly valued by the customers for our fast response in new process development.  Our strong capabilities are backed by a technical team with decades of experience in this field. We develop and build racks and fixtures in house. Along with our array of surface treatment capabilities, we provide value-added logistics solutions such as pick-up and delivery by our own fleet, testing, part identification, assembly, and more.

Process Annual Capacity Suitable for
Zinc Plating 16,000,000 m2 Environmental non-cyanide zinc plating on steel, powder metallurgy, and casting parts
Chromium Plating 300,000 m2 Hard chromium plating on the steel parts
Zinc nickel alloy 25,000,000 m2 Zinc nickel alloy plating on the steel and casting parts
Zinc iron alloy 12,000,000 m2 Zinc iron alloy plating on the steel and casting parts
Copper-Nickel-Chromium Plating 14,000,000 m2 Copper-Nickel-Chromium Plating on steel, stainless steel, aluminum parts
Aluminum Anodizing 400,000 m2 Anodizing and hard anodizing on a normal aluminum profile, machining and die cast aluminum parts, and all kinds of chemical conversion
Painting 1,000,000 m2 Painting and dry film on aluminum, stainless steel, and steel parts
Electroless Zinc rich coating 2,500,000 m2 Electroless Zinc rich coating on the steel parts
Nickel Plating 800,000 m2 Electroless nickel plating on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts
Copper Plating 300,000 m2 Plating on the steel parts
Tin-zinc alloy 500,000 m2 Tin-zinc plating on the steel parts
Cadmium Plating 5,000 m2 Cadmium plating on steel and aluminum parts
Electroless nickel plating 1000,000 m2 Electroless nickel plating on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper parts
Acid Cleaning 5,000,000 m2 Acid cleaning for stainless steel castings, heat treated parts, super alloy, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy parts
Passivation 800,000 m2 Passivation of all kinds of stainless steel
Phosphating 1000,000 m2 Zinc and manganese phosphating of normal castings and machining parts
Electrophoresis 1,700,000 m2 Electrophoresis on the steel parts
Electrolytic polishing 300,000 m2 Electrolytic polishing on the stainless steel parts
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