Sand Casting - Equipment- Resin Sand- Green Sand Casting Process

Sand Casting


Impro is a globally recognized manufacturer of complex and high-value-added sand castings for diverse end markets. We are equipped with advanced process technologies and state-of-the-art equipment throughout the manufacturing operations.

Core Making

Hot-box core making

  • used for medium- and high-volume production
  • Machines: KC800, KC600, and KC400, Z8030H
  • Max. sand core size: 800*600*400mm
  • Max. sand core weight: 40 kg

Cold-box core making

  • used for medium- and high-volume production
  • Machines: 20L/65L/80L/450L Cold Core Shooter
  • Max. core weight: 500 kg
  • Max. size: 1,600 × 1,600 mm

20L Cold Core Shooter

Laempe LB50-80 Core Shooter


Resin-sand process

We have two resin-sand production lines and one manual molding line.

IMF Automatic Molding Line: for small parts

  • 15 molds/hour/li>
  • Flask size: 1,200×800×500/500 mm
  • Product weight: 20-220 kg

IMF Automatic Molding Line: for medium-sized parts

  • 10 molds/hour
  • Flask size: 1,600 × 1,200 × 600/600 mm
  • Product weight: 30-600 kg

Manual Molding Line: for large parts or small-volume production

  • Automatic molding system (molding, coating and drying system)
  • 4 molds/hour
  • Flask size: 4,200 × 3,200 × 1,000/1,000 mm
  • Product weight: 10-8,000kg

Green sand process

We have two Sinto FBO automatic molding lines (one in China and one in Mexico) and KW automatic molding line in Mexico.

Sinto FBO Automatic Molding Lines

  • 100 molds/hour
  • Flask size: 610×508×250/250 mm
  • Product weight: 0.5–40 kg

KW Automatic Molding Line

  • 100 molds/hour
  • Flask size: 1350×1000×450/450 ~250/250mm with the flexibility to adjust flask heights suited for specific products
  • Product weight: 30–400 kg

Melting & Pouring

  • Melting furnace volume: 1–8 tons, 10+ sets.

Automatic batching

ABP Melting Furnace


SinterCast Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI ) Process Control

Heat Treatment

Stress relief annealing, high temperature annealing, normalizing

Relief annealing

  • Max. temperature: 700°C
  • Size: 7,200 × 2,500 × 1,700 mm
  • Max. load: 35,000 kg

Casting cleaning and shot blasting

To learn more about Impro’s sand casting process capabilities, please contact us today.

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