Impro Mexico Investment Casting Plant

Impro Mexico

Investment Casting Plant

The investment casting plant is currently under construction. The plant facility is dedicated to serve automotive and industrial customers’ product demand, offering investment casting, heat treatment, secondary machining, inspection, and cleaning. We will be able to turn out an estimated 3,000 tons/year in production capacity with a Phase 2 planned expansion of another 3,000 tons/year.

Line 1 (Automotive)Casting1,500 tons/year
Machining~40 CNC machines
Line 2 (Industrial)Casting1,500 tons/year
Machining~60 CNC machines

Investment Casting for Industrial and Automotive Applications

MaterialWeightSize LimitSurface FinishMelting
Stainless Steel/ Alloy Steel/Carbon Steel0.03~100kg/1oz to 220 lbs1000 mmRa6.3 (Ra3.2 achievable if specified)Air
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