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Innovation in the Sands of Time: Advances in Sand Casting Technology
June 10th, 2024
Sand casting is an ancient process, but foundries are continuing to innovate. This is being driven by a combination of customer and competitive pressures, plus environmental and regulatory changes and expectations. Leading foundry operators like Impro are constantly monitoring advances,
Trends and Innovations in Tooling for Precision Machining
June 6th, 2024
The latest generation of CNC machine tools feature higher spindle speeds and feed rates, but cutting faster creates more heat at the tool tip and accelerates tool wear. Plus, customers for precision machined components don’t just want the job done
From Design to Reality: The Journey of a Cast Metal Part
June 3rd, 2024
Manufacturing should always be considered during product design. Preferably, it should be discussed with the team or supplier who will make the part. Skipping or rushing this part of the development process leads to parts that cost more than they
Advances in Gas Turbine Nozzle Assembly Technology
May 21st, 2024
Higher temperatures and pressures increase gas turbine efficiency and reduce emissions, but at a cost. Components downstream of the combustors suffer more fatigue and wear, resulting in shorter lifetimes and more repair work. Gas turbine component manufacturers are responding with
5-Axis Machining for Aerospace Parts
May 10th, 2024
Parts for aerospace applications are designed to maximize strength and minimize weight. That usually results in a lot of machining. Throw in the complex geometries, tight tolerances and exotic alloys specified in the drawings, and you can see why these
Precision in Complexity: The Art and Science of Complex Sand Castings
April 26th, 2024
Sand casting is an economical process for making metal parts, but not everyone understands the complexity it’s capable of. At Impro, our skilled patternmakers and experienced foundry personnel work together to cast intricate shapes ranging from brackets and housings to
Precision in Motion: Hydraulic Orbital Motors in Robotics
March 29th, 2024
Many industrial robots and robot systems rely on electric motors for their motion. There are situations though where hydraulic orbital motors are the better choice. After providing an introduction to this form of rotary motion, this blog explains when and
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