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Overcoming Common Challenges in Swiss Screw Machining
June 8th, 2023
It’s said Swiss machining originated with the need to produce tiny screws for the Swiss watch industry. True or not, the definition has broadened over time. Today it describes a technology for precision machining small cylindrical parts quickly and efficiently.
Inconel® Investment Casting
June 6th, 2023
Engineers turn to nickel-based superalloys when stainless steel can’t provide enough corrosion resistance or high temperature strength. The downside of alloys like Inconel® though, is that they are hard to machine. This makes investment casting the most practical manufacturing route.
An Introduction to Making Gas Turbine Nozzle Assemblies
June 1st, 2023
The combustion gases expelled from a gas turbine will quickly erode and can even melt most steels. For internal components to survive in such an environment, they are investment cast in nickel-based superalloys, precision machined and carefully inspected. Here’s an
Quality Control in Investment Casting
May 19th, 2023
Investment casting is ideal for producing parts that will be highly loaded, subjected to high temperatures and pressures, or require precise geometry that minimizes secondary operations. This is especially true when the alloys used are expensive and hard to machine.
Creating Internal Cavities in Sand Cast Parts
May 19th, 2023
Cavities in parts made by sand casting, like valve bodies, pump housings, and engine blocks, are there mainly to channel, guide and hold fluids. They can also reduce finished part weight and save on material. In principle they could be
Sand Casting for Commercial Vehicle Applications
May 9th, 2023
Components used in commercial vehicles must have strength, toughness, and a little ductility. Good heat transfer properties and low density are bonus factors. These requirements push part designers to the family of cast iron alloys, and this is a metallurgy
Precision Aluminum Investment Casting
April 26th, 2023
A high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent thermal conductivity and good corrosion-resistance are just some of the reasons for using aluminum. If you’re looking for low mass, good heat transfer, or the opportunity to avoid coating processes, precision aluminum investment casting is
Creating Molds for Investment Casting
April 18th, 2023
The investment casting process produces parts with fine features, thin walls and excellent surface finish. This cuts down on machining operations, and reduces the amount of metal needed, lowering part mass and saving time and cost. However, these advantages are
The Role of Binders and Resins in Sand Casting
March 23rd, 2023
Sand casting is a process where sand forms a mold that holds molten metal as it cools and solidifies. It’s also used for the cores that create hollow regions inside the cast parts. Sand grains must stick together to create
Impro Fluidtek’s RC Motor Series
March 21st, 2023
Everyone who uses a scissor lift aerial work platform (AWP) wants to know they will be safe while up in the air. Harnesses and training are important, but so too is a hydraulic system that provides smooth, easily controlled movement.
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