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Agricultural Equipment

Agriculture equipment is the workhorses of the farmland. They are used year-round, from seeders and harvesters used to grow and pick crops to tractors plowing the snow in the winter. People rely on heavy equipment to have the right components to last in the harshest conditions. At Impro, we keep this vital industry going strong by offering a wide variety of parts and components for critical systems of agricultural equipment.

A Leading Manufacturer of Casting and Precision Machining Components for Agricultural Equipment

Impro is the leading components manufacturer and supplier of investment castings, sand castings, and precision machined components for OEMs of agricultural equipment.

Investment Casting: As one of the top 10 global investment casting manufacturers, we strive to offer the most reliable and high-quality investment castings to customers. Our processes produce intricate and complex components with exceptional surface quality and high dimensional accuracy.

Sand Casting: Our facilities use both green sand and resin sand production lines to form molds used to produce small to large components. With our state-of-the-art technology and processes, we produce complex and high-value-added components.

Precision Machining: With the use of CNC machines and other precision equipment, we produce parts to exact customer dimensions with the highest degree of accuracy. We are able to use a wide range of metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel.

Turn-key Engineered Components for Agricultural Equipment

Every part made for the agricultural industry is done under one roof. We work with customers through the entire project, from the design phase to production and laboratory testing. This method ensures that the part will meet the customer’s specifications for the agricultural part from start to finish while minimizing and eliminating potential problems or defects. We provide a full range of capabilities:

  • Engineering Support
  • Rapid Prototype Development
  • Tooling Design and Production
  • Casting and Secondary Machining
  • Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment
  • Laboratory Testing and Part Certification
  • Warehousing and Logistics

Obtain flexible and reliable agriculture equipment components and competitive prices here at Impro. Contact us to learn more.

Investment Casting for Agricultural Equipment



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