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Since 1998, Impro has offered a wide array of capabilities to its customers. Our company provides investment casting, sand casting, precision machining, and surface treatment capabilities for industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, energy. No matter your industry, Impro is your go-to source when requiring high-precision, high-complexity, and mission-critical components for applications.

Component Manufacturing Capabilities

Impro always seeks to improve our capabilities in other industries. We are also pursuing manufacturing capabilities in sectors such as recreational boat and vehicles, fire extinction systems, security systems, telecommunications, food processing, and forestry industries. Examples of parts we have manufactured for customers include:

  • Handlebar stems, flywheels, bunch heads and other structural parts for exercise equipment
  • Fuel dispenser parts for oil and gas retail stations
  • Locomotive engine parts for rail transportation
  • Electric-magnetic locks and security system parts
  • Fire detector and hazard alert sensor parts for building security
  • HVAC, heat exchanger and air compressor structural parts
  • Mobile robotic parts for industrial applications
  • Sprinkler system parts
  • Power tool parts
  • Electric motor parts for various industries

The types of components and parts manufactured using Impro’s manufacturing capabilities are vast. Speaking directly with our engineers allows us to further understand your specific project, the industries that the part may be used in, and the part’s feasibility. Then we help our customers decide on the right manufacturing processes and tooling for their project.

One-stop Solutions

Impro’s one-stop-shop business model allows our facility to handle the production process from start to finish. By using a single company, a customer obtains increased transparency in manufacturing operations, reduce overall lead times as parts will not have to be shipped between facilities, and maintains the highest levels of quality assurance.

Our comprehensive casting process encompasses tooling design, tooling manufacturing, part casting, secondary machining (if required), heat treatment, surface treatment, testing, and assembly. In addition, we provide prototype services, product development, R&D support, logistics, and supply chain support.

Whatever your industry or application, you can count on Impro to deliver ready-to-use products and services quickly and accurately. Get started on your next project by contacting our team today.

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