Other Industries

Impro offers a wide array of capabilities to its customers, including investment casting, sand casting, precision machining, and surface treatment. No matter your industry, Impro is your go-to source for high-precision, high-complexity, and mission-critical components.

While Impro always seeks to improve our capabilities in industries where we already have a strong presence, we are also developing our manufacturing capabilities for other industries. We provide parts and components to various other sectors, including the recreational boat and RV industry, fire and security business, the telecommunication industry, forestry and the food processing industry.

One-stop Solutions

All of our customers benefit from Impro’s one-stop-shop business model. Our casting component production is a comprehensive process, encompassing tooling design and manufacturing, casting, secondary machining, heat treatment, surface treatment and finishing. In addition, we provide market analysis, prototype design, product development, R&D support, logistics and supply chain support.

Whatever your industry or application, you can count on Impro to deliver ready-to-use products and services quickly and accurately. Get started on your next project by contacting our team today.

Stainless Steel  Diaphragm Valve  Parts


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