Impro Employee Development and Motivation Programs

Employee Development & Motivation Programs

Eyas Program

Campus recruitment is a major channel for Impro to attract new talents. Every year, new graduates join Impro from all over China with their books and belongings to fulfil their dreams, hopes and aspirations. They are the Eyas (young eagles) longing for growth and guidance. We at Impro lead and develop them to become professionals with skills and ethics of high standards.

The Eyas Program is tailored for new graduates, intended to train, develop and mould their skills using scientific and proven methods to become emerging forces of Impro. The university graduates are offered a wider exposure to areas of professional interests and are encouraged to achieve their career goals. Some of the new graduates attended Eyas program, work as engineers, managerial personnel, and international business specialists. We at Impro are proud of seeing them growing up as individuals and contributing in their respective professions.

Elite Talent Development Program

Impro’s talent pool contributes to the success of the organization. We invest a lot of time and focus to develop the core business and management talents which serves as a feeder for our talent pool. Impro implements this Elite Talent Program each year. Management and engineering staff who have worked at Impro for over two years, with bachelor’s degree or above and have a good command of English are eligible for the selection. The fair and open selection mechanism has become a huge driving force to our staff at work.

Elite talent, recognized as a key person in Impro will in turn get opportunities for participation in major projects, overseas training and potential advancement into the core management team.

Impro Academy

The Impro Academy was established by Impro Group as a training and learning institute for our employees. It aims at promoting corporate culture, core values and develop global managers and technical talents. Impro academy offers courses in Management, Technical Training and Personal Development. In the academy, the senior management team members impart their knowledge, expertise and best practices to all Impro employees who are keen to learn or develop the skills. Impro Academy has not only strengthened the comprehensive capabilities of the company and employees but also created a continuous learning environment inside the company.

Innovation Platform

To foster innovative working spirits, Impro has launched the Innovation Platform which incorporates various programs such as Innovation Proposal, 3C, and Good Idea. Innovation at Impro refers to product, process technology, service, and management innovations through creating, modifying, or introducing new technology, knowledge, concepts, and creative ideas and methodologies. Such innovations are applied to business activities and creates values. The company has established the Innovation Committee to manage and monitor innovation activities ranging from project initiation, implementation, assessment, to benefit estimation. It also provides support, training, and motivational plans to encourage employees to engage in innovative projects. After years of endeavors, Impro Innovation Platform sets the stage for the mutual development and success of the employees and the company. Innovation has become part of Impro’s core value system.

Star Craftsman Program

The Star Craftsman Program has been launched by Impro Group to accredit work skill levels of technical operators and improve work skills of line operators to boost production efficiency and product quality.

In this program, we have well defined skill metrics for all the major technical jobs and established specifications for assessments. Evaluation and selection are held regularly based on the job requirements, which paves a greener path for work skill advancement and career development of line operators.

Cloud Incentive Program

The Cloud Incentive Program is comprehensive and is for all employees of Impro. The Cloud concept is an analogy of the IT technology that builds a connection between any random points. Cloud Incentive Program is a new platform aiming for effective implementation of Impro strategies by rewarding employees, whose behaviors are aligned with and in support of Impro strategies. It establishes Award Behavior Collections and a scale of credit points. Employees’ credit points are verified and redeemable semiannually. Cloud Incentive Program is well received by our employees as they know we are paying attention to their small actions positively contributing to our success. We spread positive energy with heart and ignite the new engine of motivation.

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