Impro Mexico Precision Machining Plant

Impro Mexico

Precision Machining Plant

Impro started its precision machining operations on a leased premise in San Luis Potosi, Mexico in July, 2016 serving OEMs customers in automotive and industrial equipment industries. With the completion of the new plant facility, we have expanded our capacity and capabilities to better serve existing and new customers.By the end of 2021, we will consolidate the leased precision machining plant to our own precision machining plant building. We have the latest CNC machines, gun drilling machines, electrochemical machining as well as automated inspection and assembly lines to produce components for customers in the end markets of automotive, agriculture equipment, construction equipment, hydraulic systems, high horsepower engines, and recreational vehicles.

A highlight of our main equipment and capabilities includes:

  • INDEX Multi-spindle turning machines
  • CITIZEN single-spindle turning machines
  • TSCHUDIN centerless grinding machines
  • Schaudt Grinding Machines
  • FANUC vertical machining centers
  • TB drilling machines
  • Axial Spline Forming Machine
  • Induction Hardening Machine
  • MAFAC ultrasonic washing machine
  • Automatic visual inspection station
  • Robotic assembly line

Our precision machining capabilities include:

Process Type Size Range Accuracy
Turning CNC Fixed Lathe Φ140×300 mm 0.01 mm
Turning CNC Fixed Lathe Φ32×320 mm 0.01 mm
Turning CNC MultiSpindle Φ32×100 mm 0.01 mm
Turning CNC Transfer Φ20×100 mm 0.01 mm
Milling CNC 1300×550×635 mm 0.01 mm
Gun-drilling CNC Φ0.8-Φ18×1200 mm 0.015 mm
Grinding CNC Plunge Grinding Φ150×250 mm Roundness: 0.0004 mm
Straightness:0.001 mm
Grinding CNC Throughfeed Grinding Φ100×400 mm Roundness: 0.0004 mm
Straightness:0.001 mm
Grinding Centerless Grinding Φ150×280 mm Roundness: 0.0005 mm
Straightness:0.0010 mm
Grinding Cylindrical Grinding Φ449×700 mm Roundness: 0.001 mm
Straightness:0.001 mm
Axial Forming Spline Axial Forming 250 mm Axial Splines
Washing Ultrasonic Washing 400×500 mm <200µm
Washing Spray Type Washing Φ50×1200 mm <200µm
Super Finish OD Superfinish Φ100×400 mm <Rz0.4
Deburring Trowal Deburring
Deburring ECM
Deburring AFM
Heat Treatment Induction hardening 35 – 45 mm
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