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Jul – Established Impro Industries Mexico which operates a manufacturing plant in the city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico and is engaged in the business of manufacture of precision machined parts.

Sep – Relocated and expanded Impro Aerospace Foundry of Plant 3 to Dong Ting production base in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

Sep – Acquired a new land parcel in Kocaeli, Turkey as part of CMTR’s expansion plan

Jan – Impro Yixing successfully developed the cylinder head in mid-November 2014. Subsequently, it was assembled and gone through the first round of test with every technical index qualified in late January 2015.

May – Relocated Plant 5 to Dong Ting, Wuxi, Jiangsu.

Aug– Construction of the dedicated Auto Parts workshop at Plant 2 was completed, which laid a solid foundation for Plant 2 to expand into the automotive parts market in greater scale.

Jun – Acquired Plant 8 (Nantong Shenhai Science and Industrial Technology), which is engaged in the surface treatment business.

Aug – Acquired Cengiz Makina, which is engaged in the manufacture of precision machined parts in Turkey.

Dec –MPI line of Plant 3 received formal written approval from Boeing auditor, which is the first special process of Impro that was directly approved by Boeing.

Dec – Impro China Limited was elected as deputy director unit in Investment Casting Branch of China Foundry Association

Jan – Established Impro Academy, which is a virtual university and training platform for all Impro employees to cultivate managerial and technical talents.

Mar – Acquired all equity interest in the BFG Group. It is a leading investment casting manufacturer in Germany with three manufacturing facilities located in Germany and Czech Republic.

Sep – Grand ceremony held to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Impro Group

Feb – Acquired Plant 7 (Shengxiang Machinery Taizhou), which was renamed to Impro Taizhou and specialized in the manufacture of green sand castings.

May – Established Impro Europe in Luxembourg, which is the headquarters in Europe as well as the sales, warehousing and logistics center in the region

Feb – Established Impross Impeller as a joint venture which is specialized in the manufacture of automotive compressor wheels.

Apr – Relocated Impro’s worldwide headquarters to Hong Kong.

Sep – SAP ERP system went live at Impro Group and covers all China plants and overseas subsidiaries. It established a unified information management platform to improve operational efficiency, data transparency and process automation level.


Sep – Accredited with the first Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) certification on Non-destructive testing.

Apr – Accredited with AS 9100 aerospace quality management certification.

Jul – Renamed Plant 3 to Impro Aerospace Components and created a dedicated aerospace casting and machining plant, with focus on manufacture of aerospace and medical products.

Oct – Accredited with ISO 14000.

Apr – Established Plant 6 (Impro Yixing) and engaged in the manufacture of investment casting and sand casting products.

Jul – Impro USA established a branch sales office in Chicago and a self-operated warehouse operation

Apr – Accredited with ISO 9001.

Aug – Accredited with ISO/TS 16949.

Oct – Successfully developed aerospace products

Mar – Established Plant 5 (Impro Metal-Tech), the primary production base for investment castings.

Aug – Established Plant 4 (Impro-Bees Plating & Painting), providing surface treatment services

Jun – Established Impro Germany and set up sales and customer services offices in Hamburg, Germany

Mar – Plant 2 successfully developed spools for hydraulic systems.

Dec – Established Plant 2 (Impro-Bees Machinery) focusing on manufacture of high-precision machined parts.



Mar – Successfully developed pistons for hydraulic systems

Sep – Established Plant 1 (Impro China) and engaged in the business of manufacture of investment casting and casting secondary machining.

Nov – Established Impro Industries USA and set up offices in Los Angeles in the U.S.