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About Impro

Impro is a global leading manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical casting and machined components for diverse end-markets.

We supply customized casting and machined products and provide surface treatment services to a well-diversified global customer base. Our global leading position is underpinned by our integrated business model with comprehensive capabilities of offering one-stop solutions to our customers.

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Impro Business

Investment Casting

Investment casting is a metal forming process that normally uses a wax pattern surrounded by a ceramic shell to form a ceramic mold.

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Precision Machining

Precision machining uses CNC machines and other tools and machines to cut, drill or shape metal parts.

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Sand Casting

Sand casting is a metal forming process in which a sand mold is first formed,  and molten metal is poured into the mold cavity for solidification.

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One-Stop-Shop Solutions

We offer comprehensive one-stop solutions that cover the precision component manufacture value chain throughout the entire product life cycle.

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Surface Treatment

Electroplating is a process used to change the surface properties of a metal part by adding a metal coating onto its surface through the action of electric current.

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Impro Industries


Impro provides comprehensive component solutions to the automotive industry. The products that we manufacture endure high temperature and high pressure or where safety of the vehicle is ensured.

The components that we supply for rocker arms, fuel systems, turbo chargers, EGR, emission systems, steering systems, and airbag sensors achieve high-dimensional tolerance and performance requirements and often designed for the newest generation passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks to meet increasing challenges for fuel economy and emission standards.

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Impro Aerospace manufactures and supplies products to the aerospace industry for a wide array of applications.

Our investment castings and precision machining components are integrated into aircraft engines and engine management systems, hydraulics systems, air and fuel systems, flight control systems, environmental control systems, and landing systems. The unique advantages to serve customers in this industry is our one-stop-shop solutions.

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Impro manufactures and supplies components for the medical indsutry. Our investment castings and precision machining components are widely used in medical diagnosis equipment, surgical instruments, patient handling equipment, and for implants.

Through comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions, highly-experienced work force, and robust quality control, we have established long-term and strategic relationships with internationally renowned industry leaders such as GE Healthcare, Philiips Medical, Stryker, and Leica.

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High Horsepower Engine

Impro manufactures and supplies precision investment castings, sand castings, and precision machining components to the heavy-duty and high horsepower engine sector. We manufacture engine blocks and cylinder heads, emission system and fuel system parts primarily for the heavy duty truck, marine and power generation applications.

Our production base is equipped with dedicated engine block and cylinder head production lines and capable of producing diesel engine cylinder blocks in V-, W-and line-types in ductile, grey and vermicular iron materials weighing up to 16 tons. We are also able to product cylinder heads with a variety of materials and complex geometry.

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Construction Equipment

Impro manufactures and supplies a broad range of investment castings, precision machining components, sand casings to the construction equipment industry, including engine fuel system parts, combustion chamber parts, hydraulic system parts, and transmission system parts.

Our extensive capabilities are marked by our one-stop-shop solutions which include on-site engineering support, rapid prototype development, mold design and production, high-quality casting and secondary machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, laboratory testing, product certification, warehousing and other supply chain support services.

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Agricultural Equipment

Impro manufactures and supplies a broad range of investment castings, precision machining components, sand casings for agriculture equipment, such as engine parts, hydraulic system parts, and gear box parts.

Our full range capabilities include:

  • On-site engineering support
  • Rapid prototype development
  • Mold design and production
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Hydraulic Equipment 

Impro manufactures and supplies high precision machining components and investment castings to customers in the hydraulic equipment sector, such as custom valve spools, pump pistons, sleeves, and valve bodies.

Our wide range of capabilities allow us to provide one-stop-shop solutions to customers, which include on-site engineering support, rapid prototype development, ultra-precision machining capabilities, heat treatment, surface treatment, laboratory testing, product certification, logistics and warehousing services.

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Impro supplies a broad array of products to the energy market through all of our four main business segments. Whether it is a critical surface treatment or component for a nuclear power equipment, an investment casting used in flame and gas detection systems for offshore oil drilling platforms, a precision machined product integrated into well testing and drilling equipment and oil and gas transportation systems, or a critical sand casting for a steering system enduring harsh environmental conditions in a solar power field, Impro extends our product and services to vast reaches of the energy sector.

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Other Industries

Our broad investment casting, sand casting, precision machining, surface treatment, and other special process capabilities enable us to provide component solutions to literally any other industries where high-precision, high-complexity, and mission-critical components are required. Aside from the industries where we currently have substantial presence, we also provide products to fire and security, telecommunication, forestry equipment, and food processing industries.

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Site Locations

We are a global integrated manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical components for diversified markets. Our facilities are located in countries around the world.

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