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Our business objective is to become a leading player in the business segments that we participate in, while achieving profitable and sustainable growth. To accomplish this objective, we will:

  • Continue to focus on high-precision, high-complexity, mission-critical products and provide more value-added services to customers.
  • Implement a dual-track growth strategy that encompasses both organic growth and strategic acquisitions.
  • Optimize production processes and increase operational efficiency through continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Acquisition Strategy

We only acquire companies that are:

  • Profitable through their advantageous market position and operational excellence;
  • Manageable in terms of their scale and business areas;
  • Compatible with us on culture and management style.

Our expectation is that the combination of two companies can create synergies that significantly benefit both Impro and the acquired entity, thereby bringing more values to our customers. This strategy reflects our ambition to expand into the aerospace, medical and energy sectors where we actively look for target companies.