COVID-19 Updates 2020-07-20T06:29:01+00:00

COVID-19 Updates

As a global leading manufacturer, Impro continues to closely monitor the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our crisis management team has implemented various steps to ensure the safety of our employees, comply with applicable governmental orders and support our overarching business continuity initiatives.

Our China plant and operations are running under normal work schedules. In order to meet the urgent demand for our services, we have expanded our capacity to provide rapid tooling and prototyping. In addition, Impro has reduced our lead time for customers’ urgent orders. We are returning these within days or weeks.

In the United States, Impro Industries is operational because of our position as an essential business within the supply chain. Our Turkey plants have implemented measures such as social distancing, staggered shifts and work from home options and continue to operate.

Per the Mexican government’s directive, our plant in that country has been partially reopened as an essential industry. Construction on our new plant that focuses on sand casting, investment casting and precision machining has resumed. Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, however, it is running about six to eight weeks behind schedule.

This situation continues to change and impact operations around the world. Keeping our employees and their families safe is our most important priority here at Impro. As our valued customer, if you or any prospect has a need for our products and/or services, we are able to help you with expedited services.

We continue to monitor this fluid state of affairs. Stay in touch with the latest happenings via our social media, blogs or contact us for more information.