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Impro Blog: Impro Showcases Its Hydraulic Orbital Motor Products at IFPE (March 2023)

February 28th, 2023

Every three years the top names in fluid power, power transmission and hydraulic system motion control gather in Las Vegas for the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE). This year it takes place March 14-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and Impro Fluidtek will be to showcase our hydraulic orbital motors.

Our Booth is S81957, and we’ll have sales and technical associates there to answer all your hydraulic motor questions. Whether you have a specific application to address or you’re just interested in learning about our company and our capabilities, we would love to talk.

Our range of hydraulic orbital motors spans light, (lower pressure), medium, and heavy-duty (high pressure) applications. The eight product lines are:

  • WD Light duty motors – cost-effective, durable, and compact solutions for industrial and mobile applications
  • WG Light duty motors – for applications where side loads are present
  • WP Light duty motors – economical motors for industrial and mobile applications like car wash equipment, food processing machinery and conveyors
  • WR Light duty motors – these use a roller design for performance, efficiency and durability
  • CE Medium duty motors – compact and lightweight motors for wheel drive applications
  • RE/RC Medium duty motors – for high pressure, low-flow applications like scissor lift AWPs
  • WS 360 Heavy duty motors – intended for agricultural equipment, skid steer attachments, and other applications needing lots of torque
  • WS 365/366 Heavy duty motors – like the WS 360 but for even more demanding conditions

Hydraulic Orbital motors offer many advantages over electric motors, and those from Impro Fluidtek provide higher performance and lower total lifetime costs than competitors can offer. No matter how challenging your rotary motion application, we will almost certainly have a motor that’s up to the task.

Over the last few years we’ve learned online meetings are no substitute for getting together face-to-face. IFPE is the perfect event for renewing old friendships, growing your professional network, and updating your fluid power knowledge. Whether you have a specific hydraulic motor application to discuss, or you just want to learn more about them, stop by our booth (S81957) and let’s talk. If you’d prefer to set aside a specific time slot, please let us know ahead of time.



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