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Introduction to Impro Mexico’s Precision Machining Process Capabilities

October 10th, 2023

Our precision machining facility produces complex, high value-added, mission-critical components from bar stock for customers in transportation, agricultural and construction equipment, industrial machinery and other industries.

These precision machining operations launched in Mexico in 2016. In 2021 they were transferred to our purpose-built campus in San Luis Potosi in 2021 where they sit alongside our casting plants. Capabilities include:

  • Single and multispindle turning
  • Vertical milling
  • Various types of grinding
  • Deburring
  • Heat treatment
  • Inspection

In addition, we offer some more specialized processes for customers whose parts have unusual or especially complex requirements.


Our plant is equipped with single and multispindle CNC lathes for producing cylindrical parts up to 12.6” (320mm) diameter. Typical parts produced include shafts, hubs and valve spools.

The bar-fed Index multispindle machines are especially suited for large quantity orders of complex turned parts and maintain an accuracy of better than 0.0004” (0.01mm). The upper size limit on these machines is Ø 1.25” x4” (32 x100mm).

Single spindle turning provides a more flexible process and can handle larger parts, albeit at lower production rates. Maximum part size is Ø 5.5 x12” (140 × 300 mm).


Our precision machining plant is equipped with FANUC vertical CNC machining centers. These can mill flats and pockets and drill holes in workpieces that fit within an envelope of 51x21x25” (1300×550×635 mm).


Grinding is undertaken primarily to improve surface finish, roundness and precision on turned parts. It often follows heat treatment which can induce a degree of deformation. Our grinding capabilities include both ID and OD grinding as well as centerless grinding. In addition, we offer double face or double disc grinding for improving flatness, parallelism and finish on flat parts.

Maximum part size through cylindrical grinding is Ø 17.68 x 27.6” (449×700 mm) and accuracy is better than 0.00004” (0.001mm) on roundness and straightness.

Centerless grinding is a high volume process for smaller cylindrical parts like rods and pins. Maximum part size is Ø 6.0 x 11.0” (150×280 mm).


Machining operations almost always leave small burrs on machined edges which must be removed. We offer three deburring methods to suit material and part geometry and finish:

  • Trowal Deburring
  • Abrasive flow machining
  • Electrochemical machining

Heat Treatment

Our precision machining plant can induction harden smaller parts. Multipurpose heat treatment facilities are also available on-site, and in these we can carry out a comprehensive range of annealing, tempering and hardening processes.


CNC machining produces highly consistent results, but to further assure customers of the quality of their machined parts we offer the following inspection services:

  • Automated visual inspection
  • CMM dimensional inspection
  • Computer-aided visual inspection
  • Borescope inspection of internal features
  • Cleanliness checks

Other Processes

Two additional capabilities frequently needed for production of parts like hydraulic system components and vehicle shafts are deep hole drilling and axial spline forming.

With deep hole drilling we can go to a maximum depth of 31” (787 mm). We make our drills and fixtures in-house, so this an extremely strong area of expertise for us.

Axial spline forming is a chipless method of producing both internal and external splines. It involves pushing a hardened tool the mirror image of the spline form needed over or into the workpiece. Deformation moves material from spline valleys to peaks, resulting in higher accuracy and strength than would be achieved with machining. An additional benefit is the ability to put splines on the inside of blind holes.

Why Choose Impro Mexico for Precision Machining?

Our precision machining plant undertakes complex operations on parts produced from bar stock, and, to a lesser extent, billet material. Advanced CNC machining equipment provides high accuracy and repeatability, along with excellent surface finishes. In-house machining specialists handle part programming and machine setup and inspection is performed by qualified personnel.

Manufacturing in Mexico lets customers realize the benefits of the USMCA Trade Agreement while also reducing lead times. This lowers costs, permits inventory reductions, improves cash flow and enables greater flexibility in final assembly operations.

Contact us to learn more about our precision machining services.


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