Sand Casting and Forging techniques


Sand Casting vs Forging

December 9th, 2021

Both sand casting and forging are techniques used to create engineered metal parts. However, the similarity pretty much ends there. The two methods are very different. The method that’s best for you depends on the type of object you are creating and how you intend to use the object.

Advantages of sand casting vs forging

With sand casting, a void is created in the sand and molten metal is poured into that void. When the metal has cooled, the object is removed from the sand. Conversely, with forging, metal is heated and then pressed or hammered into shape.

Casting is the preferred method for large items that are too big to fit into a traditional forge, as well as intricate items, with lots of detail that would be impossible to create with a hammer or press. Since casting involves liquid metal, this method can be used to create virtually any shape.

Casting will usually produce a lighter object than forging and this method can be used with almost any metal. (Forging is generally limited to steel.) One last thing to consider, sand casting is generally less expensive than forging.

When forging is best

Forging is the best method to use when you need a metal object with lots of strength. Forged metal has a much higher tensile and fatigue strength than most cast metal. According to a study by the University of Toledo (Ohio), forged parts had a 26% higher tensile strength and a 37% higher fatigue strength. This means that a forged object is generally going to last longer than a similar cast object.

Working with Impro

Impro offers a variety of casting processes, including sand casting. Impro was rated among the global Top five sand casting companies for complex high-performance iron sand castings by the “Roland Berger’s 2019 Report”. Our company is unique in offering a one-stop-shop business model. This means that we offer design support, prototyping, product development, testing, assembly, logistics and supply chain support in addition to casting.

You can count on Impro to deliver ready-to-use products and services quickly and accurately, whatever your industry or product. We invite you to contact our team today and get started on your next project.


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