Surface Treatment

On top of the three core component production processes  - investment castings, precision machining and sand castings, Impro also provides customers with value-added surface treatment services for their components being made by any of the above three processes.


We provide our machined components to customers in various industries such as  electronics, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, recreational boat, high-horsepower engines, industrial gas turbine, medical devices and household appliances.


Wuxi Impro-Bees Plating and Painting Co., Ltd offers
       hard chromate plating
       zinc plating (all-color passivation)
       aluminum alloy oxidization
       steel and aluminum electroless nickel plating
       stainless steel passivation

  Surface Treatment Processes and Capabilities 

 Annual Capacity
Suitable for
Aluminum Anodizing
    400,000 m2
Anodizing and hard anodizing on a normal Aluminum Profile, machining and die-casting aluminum and all kinds of chemical conversion
Zinc Plating
 1,000,000 m2
Environmental non-cyanide zinc plating on steel, powder metallurgy and casting parts
Chromium Plating
    300,000 m2
Hard chromium plating on the steel parts
Electroless nickel plating
    600,000 m2
Electroless nickel plating on steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper parts
Acid Cleaning
  5,000,000 m2
Acid cleaning for stainless steel castings, heat treated parts, super alloy, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy parts
    800,000 m2
Passivation of all kinds of stainless steel
    300,000 m2
Zinc and manganese phosphating of normal castings and machining parts
  1,000,000 m2
Painting and dry film on aluminum, stainless steel and  steel parts

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Surface Treatment Facility
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