Impro 2021 Year in Review


2021 Year in Review

January 25th, 2022

As has been true throughout the entirety of the pandemic, 2021 was certainly not the easiest year for many organizations. Despite the fact that vaccines are currently rolling out around the world, we’re all still figuring out in real-time how to navigate the “new normal” that we’re all a part of – a factor that has only become even more complicated given the new variants that are making an appearance.

Despite that, the team at Impro wanted to take a moment to celebrate the victories, both large and small, that made an impact and showed that the effort we’re all giving is more than worth it.

Impro: A Year in Review

At Impro, our year began on a positive note on January 7, 2021. It was then that we won the “Award of Excellent Support” from Cummins for outstanding performance in delivery, quality, quick response and related matters. All of these things are qualities that we’ve always prioritized, so it felt good to be recognized by way of this achievement.


In March, we celebrated the beginning of our corporate membership in the American Foundry Society. Our participation is yet another example of the commitment we have to high quality, along with our dedication to keeping up with the needs of our ever-changing industry. We fully understand that the needs of our customers are in a constant state of evolution and at Impro, we pledge to evolve right along with them.


Also, in March, we were awarded the Honeywell Aero ISC “Supplier of the Year” award. This designation means that we were recognized as a top supplier that had showcased significant improvement in quality, delivery and cost – all goals that we will continue to aim for in the future. May saw us receive the “Excellent Supplier” award by GE Aviation, one that recognizes our outstanding performance in new product development, quality and delivery for the previous year.

In June, our first piece of product rolled off the production line in Impro Mexico Sand Casting Plant (IMMX-SC) – a milestone that many of us had been eagerly anticipating. In addition to this moment being very significant in terms of the development of our Mexico SLP campus, it was also a solidification of the continuous coordination that has become so important among Chinese, Turkish expatriate employees and Mexican workers.


In November, we were honored with the distinction of being named “Excellent ESG Enterprise 2020-2021″ in the “Excellent ESG Recognition Scheme,” all of which had been organized by the Hong Kong Economic Times. This honor was particularly important to all of us here at Impro, as it underlined how serious we take sustainable development within the market at large.

Finally, in November, we were all enthusiastic about the fact that Impro Mexico SLP campus production had finally begun in earnest. As our valued customers are no doubt well aware, we as an organization have been strategically expanding our production lines into North America for quite some time. By now officially being based on three continents, this doesn’t just give us more flexibility in terms of our business operations. It also allows us to lower our (and by association, your) potential supply chain and tariff-related risks, but it puts us in a better position to mitigate issues from potential geopolitical situations as well. In essence, it’s a positive development for us all.

The plant itself began production on November 18, 2021. Three other plants in the area are expected to begin production in 2022 – those focused-on investment casting, aerospace components and surface treatment. Look for more information about these developments in the coming months.

In the end, the success that Impro has been able to see in 2021 – and the success that we hope to continue well into the new year – is ultimately the product of two factors. Yes, it’s the result of the hard work and dedication of our team members. The importance of the effort that they’re willing to put forth to forward our vision cannot be overstated. But the second element is something that we would not have gotten here without:


Our customers are and will always remain our biggest asset. That’s a big part of the reason why we work so hard on a daily basis, and why we’ll continue to do so moving forward.

To find out more information about what we’ve been up to in 2021, and to get insight into many of the exciting activities that we have planned for 2022, please don’t delay – contact Impro today.


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