An Important Step for Impro to Enter the Hydraulic End Market


An Important Step for Impro to Enter the Hydraulic End Market

November 1st, 2022

On November 1, 2022, Impro Fluidtek Limited (“Impro Fluidtek”), a subsidiary of Impro Group, completed acquisition of the Hydraulic Orbital Motor business (the “Orbital Motor Business”) from Danfoss Jiangsu, a subsidiary of Danfoss A/S, and held a closing ceremony at the Zhenjiang plant. The Orbital Motor Business will operate under Impro Fluidtek moving forward.

The Orbital Motor Business is the market leader of hydraulic orbital motors in China. With its market leadership, and Impro’s global sales network and manufacturing bases in the United States, Europe and Asia, and solid business relationships with major OEMs around the world, the Orbital Motor Business is expected to generate comprehensive strategic and operational synergies with Impro Group, bring strong growth potential and momentum to the Group’s business development and innovation, and ultimately create greater value for customers, shareholders and employees.

In addition to acquiring the tangible assets, business operations, employees and customer relationships of the Orbital Motor Business following the closing of the acquisition, Impro Fluidtek also acquired all the know-how and patents related to the Orbital Motor Business through the transfer of intangible assets and perpetual license. At the same time, the material numbers, production place, manufacturing process, product quality and service will maintain the same operating system and management methods. Impro Fluidtek will ensure a smooth and seamless transition in terms of quality, delivery and service of related products, and plan to make intensive investments for product innovation and global layout expansion to provide more sound products and services to our valued customers. And the Orbital Motor Business will operate under the brand of “Impro Fluidtek” after the transition period.

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