Impro Gets 3-Year HK$200 Million Green Loan from DBS Bank


Impro Gets 3-Year HK$200 Million Green Loan from DBS Bank

July 31st, 2021

Green Financing to Help Achieve Sustainable Development

 (Hong Kong, 30 July 2021) – World-leading manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity, and mission-critical casting and machined components Impro Precision Industries Limited (“Impro” or the “Group“) (Stock Code: 01286) has secured a 3-year HK$200 million green loan from DBS Bank, indicative of the bank’s strong support to and endorsement of the Group’s sustainability strategy.

The Group already received the Certificate of Participation in the Sustainable Financing Programme from another principal bank last year, recognizing its investment in equipment upgrades to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Meanwhile, Impro established a Sustainability Committee to encourage all at Impro to work together and help the Group realize its sustainable development vision and to promote low-carbon development. The Group will use the HK$200 million green loan from DBS Bank to expand capacity of its plants in China and Mexico, including purchasing environmentally-friendly and energy-saving production machinery and equipment, that it will while enhancing production efficiency also reduce carbon emissions. The Group is determined to help create a new low-carbon and energy-saving era and give back to society with concrete actions like pursuing green financing.

Mr. Lu Ruibo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Impro, said, “I sincerely thank DBS Bank for its support and recognition. Green financing is a concrete means for a company to honor its corporate social responsibility. We will use this latest green loan from DBS Bank to acquire environmentally-friendly and energy-saving equipment for our plants in China and Mexico to facilitate more efficient management of energy use and carbon emissions. Apart from availing green products to customers, we will strive to contribute to shaping the new low-carbon and energy-saving era. Impro is committed to promoting sustainable development of its business. With the green loans and drawing on its own financial strength, the Group will map out more clearly the paths and targets to realize environmental protection and sustainable development.”


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