Impro 23rd Anniversary


Impro Celebrates its 23rd Anniversary—Pursues Excellence and Achieves Better Results

September 15th, 2021

(Hong Kong, 15 September 2021) – A world-leading manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical casting and machined components, Impro Precision Industries Limited (“Impro” or the “Group”) (Stock Code: 01286) today celebrates the 23rd anniversary of its founding, having been established on 15 September 1998.

Impro is the world’s seventh-largest independent investment casting manufacturer and the largest in China. It is also the world’s fourth-largest precision machining company in the end markets of automotive, aerospace and hydraulics. Its products are used in diversified end markets. Through a vertically integrated operation model, Impro is able to provide its customers with comprehensive one-stop solutions, covering a complete set of value-added services along the value chain of precision components, and its products are sold in over 30 countries and regions globally, hence its diversified end markets and geographical coverage enable it to stand out from its industry peers. With strong and comprehensive capabilities, Impro has an excellent reputation in the precision component industry and has been widely recognized by customers and industry experts alike. For example, it received the 2020 Honeywell AerospaceSupplier of the Year Award and GE Aviation’s 2020 Excellent Supplier award for its achievements in new product development, quality and delivery in 2020. In addition, the Group was included as a constituent of the MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index on 28 May 2021, having been recognized by the capital market for its results performance and investment value.

Mr. Lu Ruibo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Impro, said, “Impro has seen various ups and downs over the past two decades since its establishment. By upholding the core values of ‘Integrity and Credibility’, ‘Diligence and Unity’, ‘Pragmatism and Efficiency’, and the ‘Pursuit of Excellence and Innovation’, we have gradually developed into a global leader in high-precision, high-complexity, mission-critical components and solutions and a reliable, flexible and global business
partner to industry leaders. Looking back at the milestones we have achieved over the past 23 years, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders and business partners for their support and trust and all of the Group’s staff for their hard work.”

The management has strong confidence in the Group’s future development prospects. Since beginning 2021 until 14 September 2021, Mr. Lu Ruibo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group acquired a total of 3,759,000 shares in the Group from the open market through his private holding company, Impro Development Limited, for a total of approximately HK$9.4 million. This recent acquisition has increased Chairman Lu’s shareholding to 1,152,288,787 shares, representing approximately 61.18% of the Group’s total issued share capital.

Mr. Lu concluded, “Looking ahead, with the rollout of vaccination programs around the world, we have seen signs of the environment improving in our primary markets. This, coupled with production gradually commencing at our Mexico SLP Campus, will enable us to capture post-pandemic order growth opportunities. As Impro boasts an excellent reputation in the precision component industry, strong end markets for its diverse products and broad geographical coverage, I am highly confident in the Group’s development prospects. We will continue to forge ahead and pursue excellence so as to achieve better results and build a more prosperous and successful business in the coming 20 years.”

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