Quality assurance methods


Types of Quality Assurance Methods

October 18th, 2021

Making sure that our manufactured parts and products meet or exceed customers’ expectations is essential to keep our business growing and thriving. At Impro, we offer a variety of quality assurance services and can help get the testing results so that our customers can be confident in our product without having to rely on external laboratory services.

Quality Control with Impro

Impro offers a variety of in-house testing and quality assurance services for investment casting, sand casting, and precision machined products. These include…

Metrology testing lab

Impro’s metrology testing lab provides fast and reliable dimensional inspection and measuring instrument calibration. We inspect castings and machined parts with high-tech equipment to make sure that their dimensions conform with your design specifications.

Materials testing lab

Making sure that raw materials meet your specifications is also important to producing a quality product. Our materials testing lab is fully equipped and accredited to perform destructive and non-destructive testing services for raw materials and finished parts made of metal alloys.

Our materials testing lab services include chemical analysis, mechanical property testing, metallographic analysis, stress rupture testing, corrosion testing, and hardness testing.

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing can find inconsistencies and weaknesses in castings and precision machined parts.

Hydrostatic pressure testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing is used to test the performance capability of fluid-filled parts to identify leaks.

Magnetic particle inspection

Magnetic particle inspection is used to identify surface and near surface discontinuities.

Liquid penetrant testing

With liquid penetrant testing, we use fluorescent and visible dye on products up to 25 feet long to detect surface-breaking flaws in materials with a non-porous surface.

X-ray inspection/Radiography

Radiography is used to determine the internal integrity of castings and other machined parts. Our 20′ x 20′ inspection vault can handle very large parts and our equipment is able to penetrate parts with thick walls.


Each of Impro plant locations is equipped with testing labs and facilities. Testing facilities at the Impro Aerospace plant are NDCAP certified. NDT test results are verified by certified NDT Level 2 and Level 3 technicians. See our website for testing specifications and process details.

To learn more about finding the right quality control procedure to give you the high-quality, dimensionally-accurate parts you need, on time, contact Impro. We have been helping manufacturing companies succeed since 1998.


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