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CNC Machining VS 3-D Printing: Pros and Cons
August 19th, 2020
As newer innovations in the manufacturing world enter the market, the two methods that are most talked about are 3D printing and CNC machining. These two manufacturing processes can provide a variety of components necessary for all industries. Yet their
Thinking About Draft Angles
July 18th, 2020
If you can orient the sand casting pattern to provide natural draft, the design does not need to add draft angles.
When Surface Lay Matters
July 16th, 2020
For some machined parts satisfactory performance depends on correct orientation of the “lay.” Get the lay wrong and consequences can include premature failure and warranty costs. Here’s an introduction to surface lay and why it matters. Machining Direction and Lay
Optimizing Sand Casting Pattern Design
July 15th, 2020
A sand cast part can only be as good as the pattern allows. It takes a great deal of experience to get the best out of the process. At Impro we are internationally recognized for our sand casting expertise.
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