Impro Blogs on Precision Machining


Trends and Innovations in Tooling for Precision Machining
June 6th, 2024
The latest generation of CNC machine tools feature higher spindle speeds and feed rates, but cutting faster creates more heat at the tool tip and accelerates tool wear. Plus, customers for precision machined components don’t just want the job done
5-Axis Machining for Aerospace Parts
May 10th, 2024
Parts for aerospace applications are designed to maximize strength and minimize weight. That usually results in a lot of machining. Throw in the complex geometries, tight tolerances and exotic alloys specified in the drawings, and you can see why these
Drilling into Precision: Machining for Oil Rig Equipment
March 19th, 2024
The goat head that’s installed on the top of a frac tree undergoes a lot of precision machining during its manufacture. As an essential element of a hydraulic fracturing Christmas tree, it provides the mounting locations for the valves that
An Introduction to Swiss Screw Machining
February 27th, 2024
Swiss screw machining is for turning long, cylindrical parts like rods, pins, and screws. It’s a precision process capable of maintaining tight tolerances over long production runs, and it’s often extremely cost-effective. If you need a source for small turned
Choosing the Right Material for Swiss Screw Machining
December 5th, 2023
Swiss screw machining is valued for its ability to produce complex parts while driving down individual piece costs. This blog explores how material selection contributes to that goal, while helping meet design objectives. Parts Produced by Swiss Screw Machining Swiss-style
Introduction to Air Flow Test in Precision Parts Manufacturing
November 14th, 2023
Mass air flow measurement provides a functional test of precision machined parts like those used in gas turbine engines. It’s important for minimizing temperature variations and vibration, preventing overheating and maximizing efficiency. Impro Aerotek produces and repairs the highly engineered
Applications of Swiss Screw Machining in Various Industries
October 24th, 2023
Switzerland is famous for high quality watches, and tiny, high-precision screws contribute to their success. Today, though, the machine tool technology developed to make these intricate parts is used to produce a host of other items too. This blog explores
Introduction to Impro Mexico’s Precision Machining Process Capabilities
October 10th, 2023
Our precision machining facility produces complex, high value-added, mission-critical components from bar stock for customers in transportation, agricultural and construction equipment, industrial machinery and other industries. These precision machining operations launched in Mexico in 2016. In 2021 they were transferred
Manufacturing Techniques for Gas Turbine Nozzle Assemblies
September 12th, 2023
In a gas turbine engine the nozzle assembly comes just after the combustion chamber. It directs fast moving gasses onto the turbine blades that generate the rotary motion needed for power generation. It’s a complex piece of engineering, produced in
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