Impro Blogs on Sand Casting


The Role of Binders and Resins in Sand Casting
March 23rd, 2023
Sand casting is a process where sand forms a mold that holds molten metal as it cools and solidifies. It’s also used for the cores that create hollow regions inside the cast parts. Sand grains must stick together to create
Rapid Prototype for Sand Casting
September 8th, 2022
The most important benefit of rapid prototyping for sand casting, is that it allows for the thorough testing of a product early in the design process.
Typical Sand Casting Lead Times
May 24th, 2022
Impro has provided an overview of key factors which may affect sand casting lead times in this blog so that customers can better project production time flows.
Types of Sand Casting Equipment
March 8th, 2022
To achieve sand casting efficiency and flexibility, foundries rely on a variety of equipment from core making and molding to pouring and heat treatment.
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