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Impro Fluidtek Exhibits at IFPE 2023

Impro Fluidtek made its debut at the 2023 IFPE Show (March 14-18) in Las Vegas. It showcased a series of hydraulic orbital motor products, including RE, RE 550, WP/WR, WS360 motors

Impro Precision Machining Operations in Mexico

Impro Mexico Precision Machining plant specializes in automotive fuel injection system parts. We are equipped with single-spindle turning machines, centerless grinding equipment, vertical machining centers, automotic quality control system, ultrasonic washing line, and automotic assembly lines.

Impro Precision Machining Capabilities

Highlights of Impro precision machining capabilities include CNC turning and milling, multi-spindle turning, Swiss type turning, deep hole drilling, grinding, honing, lapping and super finishing. Our precision machining facilities are located in Kocaeli, Turkey, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and Wuxi, China. Typical products include fuel injection system parts, hydraulic valve and pump components. To learn more about our capabilities, please contact us now.

Impro Precision Machining Typical Products

Precision machining techniques are used by Impro to produce a range of components for many industries and applications, including automotive and hydraulic systems. Some typical products requested by Impro customers include spools, fuel pump parts, sleeves, and fuel injection system parts. These components may be designed using metals such as alloy steel, tool steel and stainless steel. The products are featured with complex designs, close tolerances, special processes for heat treatment and surface treatment, which Impro can all accomplish in house.

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